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Decorating a Shabby Chic Playroom

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Globalkicau.com – A playroom is the place where kids let their imaginations soar. Interior designer Katie Abt converted this attic space into a multifunctional playroom with open storage, an art table and chairs plus plenty of floor space for games.

Ideal Furniture for a Shabby Chic Playroom

Cottage-style furniture is ideal for a shabby chic playroom, but you can also paint or stain your own pieces to achieve the look. Use a light sanding technique so older layers of paint show through for a more distressed finish. When decorating a shabby chic playroom, start with paint color that enhances the vintage or cottage-inspired feel of the space. Light tones like white and soft sage green offer a soothing mellow vibe, while deeper shades of grey and taupe lend an elegant touch.

Neutral tones are often a good choice for Shabby Chic, especially if the room contains furniture with distressed finishes that can easily show dirt and stains. They also provide a neutral backdrop to showcase the colorful accents of your shabby chic decor. Cool white helps prevent this large basement playroom from feeling too cramped while allowing punchy accent colors to shine. Various gray shades establish a sophisticated look and create a neutral palette that will grow with the kids. The bright white recessed shelving and ceiling in this playroom allow pops of color to shine on the striped rug, red storage boxes, yellow teepee tent, and mint green sofa chair. The result is a shabby chic playroom that’s fun for kids and adults alike.

Tips for Choosing Furniture in a Cottage-Style Playroom

When decorating a shabby chic playroom, choose furniture that is old-fashioned and rustic. You also want to use soft, flowing fabrics and accessories to give the room a romantic feel. For example, you could create a canopy bed or dresser. You should also include a table, chairs and a play kitchen. You should use floral textiles to decorate the room. The furniture in a cottage-style playroom should be durable and easy to clean. Look for pieces that have a weathered or distressed finish, such as pine. You should also avoid using too many bright colors or patterned fabrics. You should also use a neutral color like cream or sky blue for the walls.

When shopping for kids room decorating ideas, consider your child’s interests and personality. Kids rooms should reflect their personalities, but they also need to be practical and functional. Don’t go too crazy with gender-specific decorations, and be sure to include storage solutions for clothes, toys and books. When decorating a shabby chic playroom, fabrics are a key element. Choose durable fabrics that can withstand lots of peanut butter and jelly smears, marker streaks and other kid-focused spills. This room should also feel comfortable and inviting so look for fabrics that are soft to the touch, yet easy to wipe clean. Poly velvet is a good option — it’s not as formal as it sounds, and it’s super-easy to clean (even with kids).

Playful Impressions to the Playroom with Cute Furniture and Accessories

Toy storage bins and open shelving are ideal for shabby chic playrooms. They keep the floor clear for impromptu dance parties and superhero acrobatics, plus they look beautiful. In this attic space from designer Kate Abt, stylish polka dot bins and woven storage wicker ottomans help keep toys organized. Shelves and table sets allow kids to easily access art supplies for crafts. Wall hooks for kid-friendly house costumes and an art display area complete the room. Add a sense of fun to the playroom with playful furnishings and accessories. Use a wall mural or decals to add color and inspiration, or paint a chalkboard wall for kids to produce their own artwork. Look for accent pillows in fun shapes, patterns and colors or hang a whimsical mobile for further intrigue.

Cottage chic is all about repurposing unique pieces and giving them new life, so be sure to include plenty of storage to hide toys away when they’re not in use. Stacking bins with lids and open shelving offer a stylish solution, while woven baskets and wicker totes also work well. Give the playroom a personalized look by adding personal touches that speak to your child’s interests. For example, this cozy basement space from Banner Day Interiors uses a map-themed backdrop to stimulate wanderlust and features vintage suitcases that double as quirky storage. Opt for polka dot knobs on drawers and cabinets instead of standard hardware for a cute design upgrade that’s also kid-friendly. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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