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Coastal Contemporary Home Style Design

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Globalkicau.com – Keeping up with home design trends can feel like a full-time job. But if you want to build beautiful coastal contemporary home designs, there are some key elements to keep in mind.

Neutral Colors Are Perfect for Modern Beach Decorations

Skip patterns featuring sea life and stick with simple strong prints instead. For example, a floral print like this one in neutral colors is perfect for modern coastal decor. Capture the beauty of nature in your coastal design with earth-tone colors. From warm browns to rustic oranges and deep greens, these hues evoke a sense of stability and tranquility.

Embrace the earthy look in your home with natural wood furniture, woven accent pieces and raw jute rugs. If you’re on a budget, try thrifting or repurposing existing furniture with a fresh coat of paint in an earthy shade. Incorporate earth tones into a bathroom by adding a natural stone tile backsplash and a wooden vanity. Add a touch of the outdoors with botanical artwork, like pressed flowers and leaves, framed in neutral frames.

A coastal contemporary home combines modern and beachy style with an emphasis on airiness. Light-colored flooring reminiscent of natural wood and stone is common in these styles, as are simple lines and minimalist architectural features like waterfall benchtops and concealed cabinets. Large windows are a staple in this design, along with layered lighting that maximizes natural sunlight. Keep your color palette unified with lamps and sconces that complement your light fixture choices.

Creating an Elegant and Modern Beach House

While coastal decor can have a reputation for a kitschy look, the right accents can create an elegant, modern beach house. Avoid patterns with marine life and favor stripes or plaids instead. Few fabrics feel as synonymous with coastal contemporary as linen. Lightly colored and often textured, this natural textile offers a balance of comfort and elegance that is key for modern coastal design.

Linen is a smart choice for furniture upholstery and rugs. Its neutral color palette complements many modern and traditional furnishings, while its texture adds depth to a room. Coastal contemporary homes feature light, airy open living spaces with vaulted ceilings to maximize the enjoyment of the beach view. Here, shiplap panels and a wood-toned palette bring a sense of tranquility to the open-concept kitchen and dining area of this home.

Coastal contemporary home designs often feature light and airy floor plans that convey a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. They also emphasize a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural textures like rattan, jute and seagrass blend well with this style. They’re often woven into furniture pieces and used on rugs and other decor items.

Maximize Waterfront or Garden Views

Simple patterns like soft stripes and wave-like motifs also align with coastal design. Use them on pillows and rugs or for a wallpaper accent wall. Avoid using bold prints as they can be too busy for this look. While coastal homes often offer stunning views of the water, they also must be built to withstand the elements. That’s why a coastal contemporary home plan is typically designed with protection from the sun and wind while maximizing waterfront or garden views.

For a casual coastal look, embrace the shiplap trend. The paneling adds warmth to any space and looks great with a variety of decor styles. This room designed by Hilary Matt pairs it with a cozy cloud couch and woven pendant lights to create a relaxing retreat. While signs, rope accents, and nautical themes aren’t typical coastal decor, they can be used in small amounts to achieve a chic look. The trick is to stick to a neutral color palette and light wood finishes.

The natural tones and textures of timber are a key feature in coastal contemporary homes. Whether the floorboards are solid, slatted or reeded, this material adds warmth and texture that complements coastal beach design elements like white finishes. Modern coastal designs focus on open floor plans, which allow sunshine to fill rooms from multiple angles and make the interiors feel airy and spacious. This type of layout also encourages natural breezes to move through the home, cooling it naturally without the need for a reliance on air conditioning. Stick to clean lines and neutral colors for your contemporary beach home, with clear brights highlighted as accents. A splash of coral or blue shades works well to enliven the style. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.

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