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How to Create a Craftsman Living Room

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Globalkicau.com – A craftsman living room should feature natural elements and earthy colors. You should also choose furniture with clean lines and simple shapes.

Craftsman Living Room Featuring Natural Materials

Built-in shelving is a staple of the craftsman style, and it works well in a living room. Choose shelves that are sturdy and match the color of your wood trim. Like the exterior, many craftsman living rooms feature natural materials and earth-tone colors. This may be in the form of wood moldings or natural wood finishes on built-ins. These elements are best left in a naturally textured state so they can be appreciated for their true beauty.

Few craftsman homes go without a stone fireplace as a central focal point. You might also see built in shelving next to the fireplace, as seen in this room from champagneandsawdust or in a dining room like this one from curihome. These built-ins are both functional and aesthetic, allowing you to display books and vases that showcase the beauty of natural wood.

Woven with natural fibers, area rugs are another way to add an organic element to your craftsman-style living room. Look for rugs that draw inspiration from the arts and crafts movement, featuring botanical motifs or other stylized design elements. You can also use a stencil or freehand pattern to create a custom rug with an organic geometric motif. A fireplace is often a key element of craftsman living rooms. Craftsman homes emphasize natural materials and simplicity, making a fireplace the perfect centerpiece for these rooms. While you don’t have to include a fireplace in your bungalow, it can add warmth and character to your space.

How to Create a Distinctive Look

A dingy, unattractive brick fireplace was an eyesore in this home from Zillow Digs. A full renovation transformed it into a striking feature. Paint was used to lighten the original brick, and a simple wood mantel was added on either side of the firebox. Adding display shelves that line up with the mantel also helps make this fireplace the focal point of the room. While most Craftsman fireplaces are made of wood, they can be clad in stone or another material to create a distinctive look. For instance, this stone fireplace from blooming_acre is set on a soaring wood-beam ceiling and features a large window to bathe the room in natural light.

Many craftsman living rooms use natural wood and stone furniture. This can be combined with traditional patterns and warm color palettes to create a cozy craftsman living room. Woven textiles, pottery, and handcrafted accents are also a great way to add rustic charm to your craftsman living room. Often found in home offices, built-in shelving is a great addition to a craftsman living room. The slim framed designs provide a strong presence in the room while blending in with the overall aesthetic of the space.

Even though craftsman living rooms are typically dark, you can create a lighter feel by painting your walls white. This allows for a fresh modern look while still staying true to the craftsman style. Incorporate natural earth tones into your paint palette, such as the browns and greens used in this living room showcased by Design Darlings. This can be complemented by light tan or pale pink furniture.

Combining Some Bright Colors with Traditional Furniture

This allows the beautiful wood to take center stage. Using natural materials and simple lines is essential for crafting a craftsman living room, but don’t be afraid to incorporate some bright hues. This cozy room from Retro Den features a mix of browns and yellows that look beautiful with the traditional furniture and wood-paneled walls.

To create a cohesive look, use light fixtures that feature a craftsman-inspired design. You can also opt for table or floor lamps with warm-toned shades. Few bungalows go without a fireplace, and a built-in hearth is a classic centerpiece that adds warmth and coziness to the home. This room from blooming_acre features a stone fireplace flanked by bench seats to create a cozy focal point.

Rugs are a great way to add color and texture to the craftsman-style living room. Look for wool or jute rugs in earthy ton. complement the wood accents of a living room and make the space feel more authentic. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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