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How to Decorate a Small Hollywood Glam Dining Room

Globalkicau.com – There is a feeling that Hollywood Glam has become the small dining room of the moment. Hollywood Glam has come to be synonymous with small, hip spaces. Many small dining rooms are decorated like small Hollywood film studios where filmmakers shoot their films. The tables and chairs used in the small dining room are often chosen to have the same look as those used in Hollywood.

Choosing Theme

Small Hollywood Glam Dining Room

A small dining room can look cozy and inviting when decorated with the right color palette and pattern. If you are fortunate enough to own a small Hollywood or small townhouse, chances are that you are going to have such a room. In this case, small dining rooms are a great way to dress up an otherwise uninspiring dining room. In fact, many small dining rooms that were once part of studios are being converted into Hollywood-themed restaurants.

You can make your small dining room look like the set of a movie set by choosing movie-inspired accents. Hollywood Glam looks small because it usually is. It is full of shiny brass and gold fixtures. The lighting used may be somewhat more dramatic and bold than what you would normally see in a dining room but it still adds that pinch of glam.


Small Hollywood Glam Dining Room

Small tables look very attractive when you place small round glass coffee table tops on them. Place a small elegant looking candle on the table near the coffee table. Candles do add a touch of glam to any room, whether they are in a large hotel or a small home. Use a coffee table. The coffee table is not just for looking good. In fact, it will make the room look more inviting. Place the glass on the table if you want to add light. Add flowers if you want to give it a fresh look.

When choosing small dining room furniture you have to take into account the space you have. You should also choose furniture items that are in pairs. For example, a small dining room set should consist of a table and 2 chairs. If you only have a small dining room and have to fill it, choose two small chairs instead of one large chair.

Small Hollywood Glam Dining Room

Use your imagination, find pictures of tables you like, and look at them. Get the dimensions of your dining room so that you can get the perfect size table for your room. Look for tables made of oak, cherry, or other solid wood. Choose a beautiful piece of China with a small mirror on the front and you will have a charming small Hollywood Glam dining room for your entertaining friends.

Find wall art, you can have a small wall portrait of a family member or your husband or wife hung on the wall. It could be a small painting or even a larger work of art. If you can add candles to the room, you will be adding warmth to the room which will make it look more inviting. Candles are romantic. Use them to add some mood lighting in your small dining room. Put one on each side of the table or on the mantelpiece if you like.

Color Scheme

Small Hollywood Glam Dining Room

Hollywood Glam decor is all about contrasting colors. You can choose a red and silver color scheme for your small dining room set. Or use a deep blue and add some blue tablecloths. For a little more contrast you can use red and black tablecloths.

Hollywood Glam decor consists of black and white plates, silverware, and tablecloths. It is not uncommon to see pinstripe tablecloths and napkins. The colors used in small Hollywood glam dining room tables can be just as dramatic as those used in large Hollywood venues. There are pinstripe tablecloths available for small tables too. For the small dining room, silverware and silver linens add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Keep in mind that this room is small so it’s OK to use a color that is small. So choose colors such as pale green or yellow. These will make the room look bigger. If you are going with a monochromatic color scheme, choose your accessories and furniture in primary colors. Then have white mixed in with the other colors.



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