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Mediterranean Bedroom Decorating Tips

Globalkicau.com – If your bedroom has nice natural lighting and you like bright contrasts of bold colors and rich hues, you’re halfway there to designing your own Mediterranean Bedroom.

How to Decorating Mediterranean Bedroom


mediterranean bedroom

First, let’s start with a little background. Most people who refer to themselves as “Mediterranean” have a mix of Eastern and Western cultures. For instance, many have French and Spanish heritage, but others may be German or English.

Furniture and Accessories

mediterranean bedroom

The next part is choosing the furniture, accessories, and accents that will complete your new Mediterranean Bedroom. The key items are a chandelier, a four-poster bed, a sofa paired on either side with a comfortable chair, and an Ottoman for some extra seating. A chandelier can be designed with two or four candles and it really adds depth to the room. If you don’t want a traditional chandelier, go with a sculptural crystal or something with a modern design. It can complement the style of the furniture and the colors of the walls beautifully. For a contemporary look, choose a metal chandelier over wood.

As for accessories, another key item is the sofa. If you choose a three or four-poster bed, select a fabric that is slightly darker such as velvet, so the focal point of the piece is the cushioning rather than the wood beam ceiling. Choose an interesting pattern on the back of the sofa such as checks, zigzags, or other patterns that are distinctive and interesting. The colors of your sofa should also be chosen carefully, so it is easy to match the decor of your new bedroom with your sofa. A Mediterranean bedroom with a shaggy rug may not be the most attractive choice.

The next item of furniture in a room that you will need for a Mediterranean bedroom is a lounge chair. A lounge chair is larger than a normal armchair and is more like a dining room chair with padded seats and open armrests. The style of the lounge chair will depend on the overall design scheme of your room, but you may end up finding a round, square, or rectangular lounge chair that will go well with a round, square, or rectangular wood-paneled room. Larger lounges are great to have in a bedroom because they make the room feel bigger and more inviting.

Color Scheme

mediterranean bedroom

Another aspect of this type of interior color. While you don’t have to use primary colors from your home’s decor, the main ones to consider using in your new Mediterranean bedroom are orange and red, along with dark and earth tones of brown and black. Shades of gray would also add some interesting contrast. Since these colors tend to be darker, Mediterranean home decor styles generally use a lot of blacks and grays. These colors are very eye-catching and can give your room a very unique appearance.

Wall Decor

mediterranean bedroom

Wall decor in a Mediterranean bedroom should be similar to the rest of your home. The most important piece of wall decor is the nightstand, which may either have traditional legs with a frame or a modern piece with sleek arms and a flat top. Modern nightstands are usually thinner and more streamlined than the older versions. You may want to choose glass or chrome arms to balance out the minimalist look of the nightstands.

The Lighting

mediterranean bedroom

Lighting in a Mediterranean bedroom should be soft and subtle. A chandelier is a perfect choice to add light to any area that is highlighted by the exposed wooden beams and ironwork. A wrought iron chandelier hung on an antique wood ceiling is romantic and sophisticated, while a modern chandelier with exposed wooden panels will give you a clean contemporary look that works well with modern appliances and furniture. If you really want to add sophistication to a room, consider adding an intricate crystal chandelier with a wide, rectangular mirror on the side. A framed painting or a picture of birds or flowers will complete the effect of a hanging chandelier.

Adding accessories to your Mediterranean-style home will complete the look you are after. Consider purchasing handcrafted, woven rugs that match your natural wood colors, as well as accent pillows that have Mediterranean patterns or colors. You can also find interesting wall artwork in this style, framed or unframed. You may even want to include decorative pillows in your Mediterranean bedroom that match or complement your chosen rugs and other accessories. Decorating your interior with warm colors designs will help to create a welcoming environment that you will love to spend time in. Your interior will end up looking as if you spent several days in Italy, as you can imagine, simply because your interior is furnished so perfectly.



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