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Adding Tropical Style Decor to Your Home

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Globalkicau.com – What could be better than tropical furniture to liven up your bedroom? Nothing. What could be better than tropical furniture to liven up your bedroom? If your answer is yes, then the place to look for it is Bouvier’s Bali Party Supply and Tropical Collection. Bouvier’s has everything you need for your next tropical party, no matter what kind of party it may be.

Adding a Southeast Asian Touch to the Bedroom

Feel like adding some South East Asian touches to your bedroom? You won’t have to look any further than Bouvier’s brand new collection of South East Asian inspired furnishings. Feel like giving your bedroom a tropical makeover? Need inspiration on how to decorate your living room? Take a look at the new collection of tropical furniture. No matter what your style or theme might be, or how much you want to indulge in your inner tropicalist, the perfect tropical collection will liven up your home in no time.

From Rattan Beds to Sun Benches to Tiki Tables, all pieces are made from the finest rattan, tropical hardwood, and palm leaves. Choose from the bamboo option for an earthy piece that’s sure to brighten any space, or opt for the traditional hardwood finish to match your classic Southeast Asian theme. In addition to furniture pieces, there are tropical accent accessories that will liven up any tropical decor space. For example, pillows, bedding, curtains, and lamps can be found in tropical prints that coordinate with your furniture or other tropical decor themes. If you’re looking for a unique way to accent your tropical furniture or create a focal point using palm leaves, pillows, and accent pieces, the Bali Party Supply store has just the thing you need.

Finding True Tropical Furniture

As mentioned above, if you’re looking for true tropical furniture, you’re in luck. While rattan and wicker pieces may be more common in the tropical style, don’t be afraid to venture into new materials if the tropical style is more to your liking. For example, the all-American comfort seat back on your chair or chaise is available in all-leather uppers to keep you cool during those long hot days, but it’s also available in a durable, modern wicker frame to compliment your tropical style. Whether you choose the classic rattan or the trendy all-weather wicker chair back, you’re sure to delight your guests with your unique touch on tropical furniture.

If you prefer solid tropical furniture with a touch of texture, that’s a whole different story. The all-weather wicker furniture you see in the tropics looks absolutely beautiful, but the real key to its charm is the natural beauty of the woven rattan stems that line the furniture. These stalks are woven tightly to create a look that’s similar to that of a tightly wound ribbon, allowing the natural beauty of the plant to shine through. In this light, it’s no wonder that tropical wicker furniture is so popular. In addition to being stunningly beautiful, natural wicker furniture also provides a certain level of protection to the wearer.

Wicker rattan furniture is not only stunning, but it’s incredibly durable. Many of the wicker furniture pieces that you’ll find in the tropics were designed to handle the humid conditions associated with a tropical climate. With rattan, the natural moisture resistant fibers work to ward off mold and mildew which can be common concerns with the all-weather furnishings you find in the colder climates. Additionally, these fabrics also help to repel insect damage making it easier to clean your tropical rattan furniture with a mild detergent, such as those found at the local grocery store.

The Style Of Tropical Rattan Furniture

Tropical rattan furniture also comes in a variety of interesting hues and styles. If you’re seeking a bit of a different look, one option includes rattan wicker furniture with a bold, bright design. This style has gained popularity among homeowners who seek a distinctive look without having to sacrifice functionality. Typically, these vibrant rattan wicker furniture pieces include vivid, bold color schemes and are often complemented by lush cushions or throws.

As you can see, adding some palm trees, or even a small collection of tropical plants, to your home can immediately give it a tropical style. Palm trees are available in many different colors and many grow quite well in a variety of areas. However, if you’d prefer a more permanent placement, try putting a palm tree in the center of a large tropical table. Or, try placing a palm tree on a shelf. Whatever design you choose, tropical decor can easily be added to any home in less time than you might think. The best part about tropical style decor is the fact that it looks just as great in any season.

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