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The Exterior and Interiors of Craftsman Home Style

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Globalkicau.comAmerican Craftsman home styles have a rustic feel with lots of handcrafted quality and excellence. American Craftsman homes are designed by professional craftsman over a long period of time. Many of them start out as weekend projects. Some become family treasures and are passed down to their children. American Craftsman home styles bring a sense of pride to those who own one.

The Size And Character Of The Craftsman’s House

The craftsman home is distinguished by its size and character. Small, simple craftsman style houses are called cottage homes. The Craftsman bungalows were a large number of houses that were constructed in an irregular pattern, on stilts. Cottage homes were built between the turn of the century and the end of the first World War. Although they had a number of open rooms, most were contained within a barn or on some kind of permanent foundation.

The Craftsman style homes of today have two stories and often include porches and finished basements. They are usually located on high ground and have a large yard for animals, usually a horse stall or a chicken coop. Most craftsman style homes do not have a porch.

Craftsman-style homes are also known for their wide doorways and open floor plans. In the front of the home there may be a large veranda or porch that leads to a large yard. The second story of craftsman homes has open floor plans. It is usually on the top floor and uses wall panels to frame the room and window.

Most Craftsman Home Designs

Most craftsman home designs are either built on wood or on brick. Brick is used for the flooring and the walls. Wood is used for the interior. There are many types of wood used in craftsman designs such as cedar shake, poplar, white oak, heart pine, and sticky.

One thing that all craftsman-style homes have in common is that they use solid wood doors and the interior to allow light to enter the home. Often you will see windows with large grills over them, sometimes with windows cut out in the middle. This allows natural light to stream into the home through the large front door. This design is also very common in bungalows and mobile homes.

Always Have a Big Dining Room

Craftsman homes usually have a large dining room that sits between the kitchen and the back door. They are designed with large open rooms so that you can gather your family and enjoy good food. You will also find that craftsman-style houses include lots of nooks and crannies for holding small meals, coffee or tea stools, or even a fire pit. Many of these open nooks are meant to be used as sitting places for family gatherings, while others may be designed to be breakfast nooks or kitchen nooks. And of course, the fire pit, if it is not included in the home, is often placed in a corner of the living room or sunroom where you can enjoy warm summer evenings with your friends and family.

Craftsman homes have beautiful architectural details like doors that have flowers or geometric shapes carved into them. They are very unique, as most are inspired by nature. They will have unique window treatments. In many cases, you will find that the window treatments will include detailed floral designs, geometric patterns, or other architectural details. The architectural details add a look of elegance to the craftsman house. And of course, the beauty of a craftsman style house comes from the details.

Building a Covered Front Porch

One of the details that often is included in the construction of craftsman style houses is a covered front porch. Many are designed with a covered porch, which can be a walk out front or an interior porch. It can be made from one of many materials including wood, brick, stones, aluminum, and vinyl. And of course, the material has to be able to withstand the weather. Wood is usually the best choice, as it ages and gets protected from the weather.

A covered porch, if it is well crafted, will provide shade for the people inside the home as well as allowing a nice breeze to come in. Covered porches are a detail that is often left out of craftsman house designs. However, when this detail is added, the porch will appear to be part of the design of the craftsman home, and will draw homebuyers in. This is especially true if the front of the craftsman home includes an archway or some other type of detailed entrance way.

In addition to the porch, craftsman designs often include gabled roofs. Gabled roofs are very popular with homeowners who prefer to use a more formal style of architecture. Craftsman homes frequently have this style of roof, as it adds a feeling of elegance. And the staircases and exposed eaves of a craftsman house are another detail that adds to the feeling of quality and luxury.

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