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Four Great Tips for Smaller Formal Living Room Designs

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Globalkicau.com – Although at one time small traditional living rooms were quite popular, these days the largest are more in demand than ever, especially among those who are trying to be different and are trying to make their small traditional living room a bit more modern. You don’t have to give up on small traditional living room design completely just because you have to fit in the television or a larger appliance. Here are some small traditional living room design ideas that will get your creative juices flowing and really make your space come alive.

Cute and Sophisticated Small Traditional Living Room Ideas

This is a small traditional living room idea that’s cute and sophisticated at the same time. Paint the walls in a very pale cream color and then lay down two or three layers of white paint with darker gray, blue or teal colors under them. You can also use a very pale blue or green curtain to help set off the color scheme. Then, arrange tables with silver chairs directly in front of the window so that they catch the light. Add a couple of lamps on the table (old fashioned ones work great) and then you have a very small shabby-chic style living room.

This small living room idea will work best as an apartment. It’s perfect for people who don’t really want a whole lot of furnishings and want to conserve money. If you live in a small house, you can keep this small traditional living room idea a lot simpler by just painting one wall in a lighter shade of the color you want and then putting up photos on the other wall in the same color family. If the wall of the living room is bigger, you can use fabric art that is the same color of the other fabric element. Just add a few bright flowers to the center of the fabric art and voila, you have a small and cozy living space.

Small Traditional Living Room Design Tips

This is another one of the small traditional living room design ideas. Again, if you live in a small house, you’ll be able to keep this small living room design ideas a lot simpler by just putting up a single picture on the wall and adding candles. Try hanging two or three candles from the ceiling and make sure they are in the same shade of the color as your wall. You can also go a step further and place a votive candle on each chair at the table. The candle will provide the centerpieces and it will also provide a nice ambient light.

Another of the small living room ideas that won’t break the bank is using throw pillows. These pillows can easily be made from remnants that you have lying around in your home or you can simply purchase pre-made ones. There are many different shapes and sizes of throw pillows that you can find at your local craft store, or you can find more unique and unusual ones online. These pillows will not only provide an instant focal point for the small living room, but they can be easily replaced whenever you feel like changing things up.

Using Some Art Deco Mirrors on The Wall

Midcentury living room design can also be enhanced by placing some Art Deco mirrors on the walls. Again, you can find these mirrors in any art store where you find anything made in the 1950s or later. This type of style is very popular with people who prefer a vintage look but who still want to maintain the small, traditional living space. These mirrors can certainly add a fun, whimsical touch to your small living space.

The small formal living room can still have a modern look to it. If you have a wall that is glass decorated, then you can go with a glass top table or perhaps place a small coffee table next to the glass wall. This will allow you to place your laptop in the middle of the table while you are working and will prevent it from getting damaged.

Another tip for small traditional living room design is to use white walls as much as possible. White walls will make the room appear bigger because white is a very effective color when it comes to making a room look larger. For example, if you have a small white living room, then it would probably look better with a large floor-to-ceiling window placed in front of it. You can even use white walls to surround a desk with a modern desk chair which is either made of metal or glass. A black lamp is also another great addition for this type of style living room.

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