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How to Find the Perfect Vintage Lamps and Chandeliers

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Globalkicau.com – When you find a good deal on a vintage library set or a vintage coffee table, it’s worth keeping in mind that the cost will be steep and that there are no guarantees that you will find the right piece. Antique dealers are constantly updating their stock, so it can take some time to get your hands on the one you want. The good news is that there are ways to make sure you’ll have just the right decorative piece to add to your living space. The steps below describe what you need to do to start your search for the perfect vintage pieces.

Determining the Right Size for Furniture

Determining the right size is crucial for any furniture purchase, and especially so for an antique collection. Antique furniture pieces are generally large, and the majority of living room furniture sets and display cabinets don’t have the same proportions as more recent designs. Measure the largest piece you’ll be hanging from the wall, and then add two to three inches for the top, bottom, and side dimensions. For example, if your piece is 40 inches wide by 24 inches deep, you’d need a size you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind the proportions of your home libraries interior design plan; for instance, if the pieces are spread out across the room, consider using taller furnishings (such as bookcases) to make the pieces more prominent.

If you’re on a tight budget, but would still like to include a vintage style dining table or coffee table in your collection, consider using a vintage reproduction instead. These reproductions may be less expensive than handcrafted, antique pieces, but they’re sure to stand out and add an air of classic elegance to your home library. Vintage reproductions may also be more difficult to find, so consider visiting online vintage stores and antique auctions to see what’s available. In addition to selecting a great piece for your library, you may also be able to find great deals at these locations on other home furnishings and accessories.

Good Selection of Antique Furniture

Antiques are a great option for library-style furniture, since they can often be customized with finishes and features specific to your particular needs. For example, you can purchase a traditional antique pedestal for your library or opt for a more modern design featuring an open drawer design that showcases a series of small, metal drawers. Many vintage style pieces use wooden pedestals or tables, while others are covered in rich textured wood with leather or brass pulls.

As mentioned above, one classic style that never goes out of style is the vintage brass library desk. Often made from 18ct gold, this piece will create a stunning centerpiece in any library or home office. Available in a variety of antique and new designs, many feature attractive distressed or painted finishes. Many antique pieces feature intricate scroll work or classic baroque design elements. Others incorporate unique materials like milk glass or transparent glass, making them perfect additions to contemporary homes.

Contemporary Vintage Desk

A more contemporary version of the vintage writing desk is often referred to as a milk glass library table. Similar to the antique style, these pieces feature beautiful brass or finished chrome hardware on their legs. They are usually available in modern and contemporary design styles and use polished chrome legs or brushed silver legs in a wide variety of color choices.

If your home has a strong dark French feel, consider adding a vintage lampshade to your library desk. A high quality reproduction of a classic Louis Comfort Tiffany lamp is available in a number of different lampshade colors, including black, champagne, blue, hunter green, olive, teal, and ivory. These gorgeous shades are also available in several antique styles, including Queen Anne, scalloped, and shaker. Replacing your old floor lamp with a vintage Tiffany or hand-painted lamp shade is a great way to update your interior design and add ambiance to any room.

the Right Size for Furniture

Adding unique items like a vintage French country coffee table and vintage French country writing desk to your library will make it an area that collectors and lovers can love to spend time in. When choosing a particular design style for your home’s library, consider how it will be used. Some styles work best as an end table and others work better as a place to display collections. For example, an American design may not work well as a reading or writing corner. Your vintage glass or metal lamps should complement your chosen furniture.

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