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Jazzing Up Your Bohemian Family Room

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Globalkicau.com – If you like to keep things casual, a Bohemian family room is the place for you. Characterized by layers of color, splashes of color and a hint of mysterious design and plantings, Bohemian back rooms are also inviting, spending your planning time inviting! Themes can be anything from Gothic to exotic, from whimsical to reverent; the trick is finding a style that coordinates with your personal taste. There are a few rules to follow when putting together a Bohemian environment: Bohemian is a relaxed, casual style, so use less ornate furnishings and fabrics, perhaps choose simple furniture or even leave the walls alone. A good way to start is with an all-white motif, such as a wall tapestry, but you can be more inventive with your color scheme.

Bohemian Living Room Decorating Ideas

For the furniture in a Bohemian family room, you want to find comfortable seating that also has a playful character. So go for a mismatched coffee table or an overstuffed armchair. Or, choose an overstuffed sofa that offers a see through side panel or window. You can also pick up an eclectic collection of mismatched chairs, tables and even foot stools. If you want to add interest to the seating, why not choose a beautiful piece of Bohemian art to line the walls or a beautiful rug? This will make the seating look more like a work of art rather than just functional, cozy furniture.

Decorating a Bohemian family room is all about texture and pattern. You can use bright colors to open the space, especially if your couch and loveseat are a couple of bright pops of color against a neutral background. Instead of using white draperies on the walls, go with dark browns and deep purples, or a rich black and brown sofa. These will open up the room and give it warmth and depth.

The ideal seating in this type of room would be a chair made of leather or wrought iron, with a backsplash of woven tapestries. If you have a big piece of artwork that you want to show off, put it on the wall as well. Tapestries can also be used as a rug on the floor, so the entire room opens up. You might also want to choose a small chaise lounge chair for this space. It adds an interesting air to the lounge room and gives a comfortable place to sit while watching TV.

A Mix of Different Bohemian Furniture

If you are looking for comfortable seating in the lounge area, you might consider pairing it with a round coffee table or a special floating stand. The interesting shapes that tapestries come in will lend themselves to interesting conversations and you can’t go wrong with a tall writing lamp on one of the side tables. A large Ottoman will make a nice addition to this style of furniture and will double as a comfortable seating if you place your drinks on the table.

In some cases, you can choose a plain, neutral colored floor covering in order to contribute to the Bohemian vibe of the room. This will add a truly eclectic look to the space, but don’t overdo it. A deep lush rug is also a great option for the front room if you have an interesting pattern in mind. This floor covering will help tie together the different pieces of Bohemian furniture you have chosen.

Best Design Characteristics

In most cases, this furniture is meant to be displayed on a living room or bedroom floor. That being said, when you are choosing couches for this space, you must keep in mind how they will fit in the general vibe you are trying to create. For example, a sofa with a modern vibe may not mesh well with a traditional country theme. Try to coordinate the couches you buy with the colors and textures of other pieces of the room in order to create the perfect family room vibe. The key to creating the vibe you want is to choose couches that fit perfectly into the overall vibe you have created.

In terms of the actual couches themselves, you have plenty of choices. Rustic barn wood styles make for some of the most comfortable and welcoming sofas you can find. The feel of them will give you a homey feeling, almost like you are sitting in your own log cabin. Some people even prefer the look and feel of real wood, especially in a Bohemian setting. There are also leather and upholstered styles for those who want a more classic look, which can really lend a more traditional vibe to a Bohemian front room.

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