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Small Nautical Living Room Decorating Ideas For Your Walls

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Globalkicau.com – A Small Nautical Lifestyle is a great way to bring the beauty of the seas to your home, without having to have a “real” boat or an ocean-themed motif. Many people today live in homes with a “stove top” fireplace, and a “ceiling fan,” which are all things you’d expect to see in a house made mostly of wood. But there are a lot of things you can do with your own “little” house, turning it into a small nautical den, or even a romantic getaway, complete with candles, sea shells, and decorative wall art. Here are five ideas that will help you get started on designing your small home, or the room you want to turn it into.

Small Wall Panel Living Room Ideas

Small wall panel living room ideas use a lot of old marine technology–especially brass accents. Metal wall art has been used to accent various rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens, for decades. You can find brass wall designs at any good hardware store, and even on the Internet. Brass accents on the surface of your wall will give your room a look reminiscent of classic movies like King Kong, or even a more modern look. Choose a large brass mirror that you hang on the wall behind your couch, and then install other wall designs along the perimeter of your room.

Another one of these small wall panel living room ideas is a wood paneled vanity. If you’re decorating a bathroom, try using a wood panel vanity with soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and other wood embellishments. For the bathroom, you’ll probably want to choose a wood panel vanity with a mirrored front. These can also be a focal point in a bedroom design, or as a great “hide out” area for an area rug.

The possibilities for small wall panel ideas are almost endless. If you have a small space, these are very economical, as well as very easy to install. However, if you have a larger space, but want to add some small furnishings, then these small furnishings are ideal.

Living Room Luxury Design

Small wall panels are a great idea for many living room designs. For example, you might choose to build a small Nautical living room design on a porch that overlooks the water. If your living room is on a breezy spot, you could build small wall panels on the porch that look like windows. To give the impression of more open space, you can put a window behind each panel. There are so many small things you can do with wall panels to give your room an inviting, casual feel.

You can find wood walls at just about any home improvement store. Wood paneling is available in almost any size you need. You can either get price estimates or you can go down to your local home improvement store and ask the decorator which kind of paneling would best fit your needs. Wood paneling is affordable and looks nice when decorated properly. If you have an eye for style and can afford to spend a little bit of extra money, you can find beautiful wood paneling that you can color to match your other decorating choices.

Tips for Using Wood Panels

One other option for wood paneling ideas for your walls is to use it as the top of your doors. If you have a door that faces the beach, or a deck that you like to sit out on, then you can use the paneling as a top instead of putting up solid drywall. The paneling will cover up the hole in the door and make it appear as if it were part of the wall. When people see your doors to your house, they will think that it is an actual part of the house, and not just drywall.

Many people love to decorate with Pinterest. You can do a search for ” Pinterest “boards” and you will get many ideas for decorating your home. You can also check out their board on “decorating with Pinterest”. There are actually many different rooms that you can get price ideas in, especially when you search for “pinterest pinnies” which is a great place to start.

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