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How to Make a Monochromatic Family Room

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Globalkicau.com – The couple intended to create a monochrome family room that would reflect their personal tastes. The family had recently purchased an older home with wooden floors and they felt it was important to add some of that same charm to their new living space. The only problem was they were stuck with red velvet curtains and old upholstered furniture.

Tips for Making a Monochrome Living Room

The couple intended to make their monochrome family room very interesting with their new upholstered furniture and new fabric for the Ottoman. They began their interior design makeover with upholstered furniture on the king-size couch and Ottoman. They purchased new pillows and a plush throw. They also picked out red velvet curtains and red velvet throw pillows in the upholstered furniture that matched the throw and cushions in the room.

When the family moved in, they found that the family room had been decorated by painted pink and purple walls, which made the Ottoman go unnoticed. To make their newly decorated room pop, they got red velvet curtains and threw pillows in the same shade. The family loved the new look! The carpet was also painted in a lighter shade of pink and matched the upholstered furniture.

Guide to Painting Walls Correctly

Before painting the walls, they decided to hang several wall art pieces to give the room some depth. They found many wonderful pieces at Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Paint in Framed in their local mall. They selected three great art pieces to hang on the walls. One large abstract piece, one florals and one geometric pattern that they had picked out in a magazine.

They created a beautiful border along the top of the wall so the painted wall art would not be visible. This gave them extra space to fill in the wall with color. They chose several different colors and placed them along the wall in an arrangement to create some variation in color. They found that coordinating this arrangement with the throw cushions and throws made a great finishing touch to the room. Their room instantly became a center of interest and fun.

Adding Interesting Texture to a Monochromatic Room

A monochromatic room can have a contemporary or traditional feel to it. This is easily accomplished by adding interesting texture to the upholstered furniture, such as fabric covered leather sofa pads or colorful woven fabric covered cushions. One of the great things about using fabric covered cushions and throws is that they are quick and easy to make. All you need are the fabrics and needles, yarn or string and a sewing machine. These items can easily be found in thrift stores, yard sales or online at a low price.

The other option for a monochromatic room is to paint one wall in a single color. This gives your whole room a unified look, but will still allow you to vary the color used on the upholstered furniture. The wall art can still be in a contrasting color to bring out the true color of the fabric covered cushions or throw blankets.

Monochromatic Living Room Decoration Themes

When decorating a monochromatic family room, you have several options for filling out the room and making it a center of interest. You can choose a theme for the entire room, paint one wall in a monochromatic color, use accent rugs to tie together the different areas, or use fabric covered cushions and throws. Any one of these options will make your room unique and give it a modern flair. Give your family room a distinctive look and invite friends and relatives to enjoy the comforts of home.

You may want to choose a monochromatic fabric for the walls of your room. One great choice would be a cream and beige fabric with a cream and beige trim. This would be a great look for a room with a country feel because it would tie in with the rest of the furniture and the color of the walls. You could also go with a monochromatic pattern on a solid fabric like silk or cotton. This would be a great addition to a formal living room or dining room.

If you do not have enough space for a completely monochromatic room, you can always just paint one wall in a monochromatic color and cover that wall with fabric. For example, you could paint the wall behind the couch in beige and add fabric covered cushions in that color around the furniture. This would give your family room a southwestern feel and match the decor of the walls. Remember, if you are using a cream color, you do not have to use a cream fabric on the wall; any fabric will do.

To create a monochromatic effect in your living room, use one light fixture for each color of your walls and a neutral trim on the ceiling. Place a couch or loveseat between two of the light fixtures and another chair between the light and the wall behind the couch. This will make a nice center piece in your family room. Another idea is to use a ceiling to floor fan and use the same colors on the fan and wall behind the couch. This will make a beautiful effect as well as being very functional.

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