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How to Update Your Small Eclectic Kitchen

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Globalkicau.com – Smaller is beautiful! A small eclectic kitchen design is easy to create, and you can add many personal touches to it. Use these simple ideas to make a small kitchen feel larger than it is. Creativity and careful thought put into a small kitchen to make it feel like a home away from home.

The Best Definition of a Small Eclectic Kitchen

Create a small kitchen that is unique by choosing an unusual, yet stylish style. An excellent small eclectic kitchen has an island with extended countertop on the far side. The other side of the island has a custom curved cabinet door that meets a custom glass shade. Striking contrast fills the view of beautiful wall papers on this small cozy style kitchen.

Create a beautiful small eclectic kitchen by going ultra-modern. Simple, sleek colors and geometric shapes are great effect to open up the room and give it a modern flair. A good use of natural light in this style is through the installation of a window that opens to a terrace with wooden table. Overhead lighting with dramatic chandeliers creates a great effect as well as letting light in through the skylights. This kind of ultra-modern kitchen style is not for everyone but it does have a unique look.

Simple Touch Tips For an Electric Small Kitchen

For a simple, charming touch to a small eclectic kitchen, use a distressed wood finish on shelves, stools, and other furniture. Add decorative touches such as small knick knacks with interesting glass jewelry boxes that are great for displaying collectibles. Adding a bench with glass top and rustic legs creates a country feel that is so welcoming. You can also try adding a few hanging baskets that are made from wicker or other material. Add flowers or a plant to the top of the hanging baskets and it will create a small elegant garden bench.

Using metal and wood in an eclectic kitchen is also a great effect. Glass doors for cabinets and table tops with distressed finishes are a great way to create a country feel. Place one or two metal pots on wrought iron stands and you will have a rustic touch without being over the top. An accent wall is a great way to create a modern style without being too crazy.

Modern and Trendy Combination Decoration

To create a more contemporary and trendy look, choose an eclectic kitchen island with an open kitchen design. This style allows for quick cooking and storage potential. To make it more interesting, paint exposed brick walls a bright shade of red, add some funky lighting, and put candles on it. Add vintage lamps and knick knacks and you will have a fun and funky vibe in your home. The key to this particular style is to make everything as dynamic as possible.

Adding new fixtures such as a vintage light fixture or even a stained glass lamp with a vintage lampshade can really update your kitchen cabinets. A small table with a vase of fresh flowers placed on top will also add some color and life to the room. Stained glass windows add a splash of color that can be easily cleaned. In this case, you will want to avoid a very ornate style. Go with a more simple design that will allow you to place a floral print or a clear glass display on top of your table.

As you can see, there are many ways to update your small but stylish kitchen. A great way to do this is to use one or two ideas in combination with another to create the perfect color scheme and decor for your space. To complete your new look, consider decorating with pendants, vintage furniture, and more.

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