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Charming Modern Bathroom Features

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Globalkicau.com – Modern Bathroom Furniture and Modern Bathroom Vanities are not just some of the terms utilized to define contemporary bathroom design; they are actually the very basis of all modern bathroom designs. They are the very core components that give life to any bathroom design, giving it a unique look and feel. They are very popular nowadays because they are easy to use, have various colors, shapes and sizes, and can be custom made for any size bathroom.

Characteristics of a Modern Bathroom Vanity

A typical modern bathroom vanity consists of a basin, countertop, cabinet, cupboard above, shelves below, and mirror above. They are made of various materials such as wood, glass, iron, porcelain, acrylic and chrome, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Some modern bathroom vanities have an added modern element such as a back-lit mirror or one with a chrome finial. Bathroom vanities come with a variety of built-in designs and styles, from classic designs to the more modern minimalist styles.

In modern bathroom designing, it is very important to set the right mood for the room. If you want to have a relaxing bath, a bubblebath bathroom will do, as will a pedestal shower that comes with its own heating system. For a quick hot shower, a whirlpool shower is very attractive, while a corner soaking tub or steam shower is perfect if you want a steamy shower without taking up floor space. Modern bathtubs can also be placed beside the shower, as can shower curtains, for even more functionality.

Modern Bath Decoration

Bathtubs can be made of different materials and different types of decorations. Glass modern bathrooms can have polished marble columns for a regal look. Cast iron tubs have beautiful black or red cast aluminum handles and can be made of copper, pewter, bronze, chrome or stainless steel. The vanity countertop can be made from granite, limestone, marble, travertine or any other natural stone. Tiles in modern bathrooms can be found in mosaic designs, abstract patterns or even contemporary designs.

Modern bathroom vanity will usually have a separate mirror above the sink. A pull out trash can is also a nice addition. Modern fixtures should have clean lines and a minimalist approach, so you won’t distract from the vanity itself. Granite tops and stainless steel hardware are both very common.

If your master bath is large enough to accommodate a walk in shower and multiple sinks, it may be necessary to install a whirlpool jetted tub. Whirlpool baths are made from fiberglass and the walls of the unit taper down to the center, creating a “wave.” Some modern bathroom vanities come equipped with the whirlpool jet feature, but you may have to invest in additional fixtures to support the jets if your model doesn’t already have them. Modern bathroom vanity made of solid wood is a popular option. There are many colors and finishes available.

Modern Type of Bathroom

Another type of modern bathroom features a double sink. These are designed for two people and often include a small refrigerator, a sink and a separate toilet or tub. Sinks can be made of stainless steel, porcelain or even stone. In some models they incorporate a small cabinet with a sink area below. Fixtures can include a toilet, a few shelves and a few cabinets with a range of wash basins and accessories.

One last example of a modern bathroom fixture is the skylight. Modern skylights are typically placed above the vanity and come equipped with a dimmer switch. You’ll also find them in different styles and finishes. A popular choice is a contemporary model made from tempered glass. A luxurious traditional look can be achieved by installing a grandparent’s style wooden skylight. Modern skylights can also be installed over existing windows if you’re planning on expanding the overall dimensions of your master bath.

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