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Decorating An Eclectic Living Room

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Globalkicau.com – An eclectic living room design is neither conventional nor trendy, yet creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere that invites everyone to spend time in it. An eclectic living room is not a simple choice; rather, it is an artistic exploration of color, texture and material choices. An eclectic living room design does not require strict symmetry and formality but instead relies on an interesting and utilitarian approach. Formality should always be at a minimum in a living space, yet making the room instantly usable for anyone who will be enjoying it.

Best Eclectic Living Room Interior Styles

Eclectic living room interior styles emerged from a desire to combine the best of different aesthetic perspectives. Eclectic interior decor styles were and continue to be a product of artistic experiences and observations. These eclectic interior styles are influenced by many things such as world cultures, furniture styles and interior decorating theories. Eclectic style examples include shabby chic, French patio, country cottage, Mediterranean, Mission, contemporary, country kitchen, English cottage, farmhouse, Victorian, Spanish and others.

In the realm of home decor, eclecticism refers to a variety of interior styles that have been popular and that are still popular today. Some examples of these interior styles are American, Victorian, European and eclectic transitional. The most popular type of eclecticism is modern. Eclecticism in the home can also be found in casual and modern decorating styles.

Essential Elements of an Eclectic Living Room

One important element of the eclectic living room is the floor lamp or rug. Floor lamps can give a warm ambience to the entire room and can coordinate with any given color scheme. A floor lamp with a white shade and black trim would work well with shabby chic and other non consciously styled furnishings. A rug with a black trim and a white shade would fit perfectly with Mission style furniture. A coffee table with an uneven finish would work well with shabby chic furnishings and colors.

The accent chairs or sofa add to the ambiance of an eclectic living room. The sofa should be comfortable, yet at the same time, it needs to be inviting. It needs to be big enough to accommodate a couple of people but not overstuffed. The style of the sofa and the accent chairs should be in contrast to one another.

Another important element of the eclectic living room is color. The color scheme of the walls and the floors should be different from each other yet complimentary. Color tones that are used for both the walls and the floor can create a beautiful effect. Color design ideas for the living room include using blues, greens, reds, purples and tans in very light shades, as well as using blacks, grays and browns for the accent colors on the walls.

Tips for Providing Good Lighting for the Living Room

The last thing that you need to have in an eclectic living room is a good lighting scheme. The lighting has to be soft and calming. Your sofa needs to situate on a comfortable flooring that doesn’t wobble or rock. The floor lamp can provide a soft glow, but the most important element is the floor lamp because this will provide the main source of your lighting. In this case, you have to choose a floor lamp that has a very good color scheme so you can match the other elements in the room.

Decorating an eclectic living room really requires you to think outside the box. You don’t have to choose a specific style or a particular decorating technique. What you have to do is choose a few pieces of furniture that will complement each other. You may consider using a mid-century modern eclectic living room floor lamp with an accent chair, a couple of comfortable leather sofa and accent chairs, and a wall art that complements the colors of your upholstery and your rug. We are happy to receive a guest post submission from you.

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