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Midcentury Modern Curtains And Interiors

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Globalkicau.com – Whether you’re a foodie or simply love fine living with a touch of elegance, a coastal dining room is ideal for both. If your lifestyle usually involves a steady diet of local seafood and surf and blue skies overhead, it’s time to do something new in your dining room. Consider coastal style for that fine dining feel without sacrificing your homey flavor. In fact, coastal dining rooms are perfect for casual dining as well as elegant dining with friends and family.

Coastal Dining Room Theme Decoration

Coastal Dining Room Coastal themes are all about texture, light, and color. Wood accents are a fantastic way to add a subtle touch of class to any room in your house. From rustic, unfinished wooden tables to sturdy sea blue dining chairs and coastal decor accents, there are just so many ways to design your coastal dining room to match your personal taste. Also, coastal dining room furniture is generally less expensive than other styles of furniture. You can create a simple, yet elegant space with a variety of inexpensive chairs, tables, and accent accessories.

Accent Pieces A coastal dining room looks best when accent pieces are used in the right places to tie the whole look together. For starters, a rug or a chair runner with an ocean-like pattern like a sailboat lamp would be a great accent piece. A large glass-topped seaside table would look lovely next to a wrought iron wine rack and a brass seashell chandelier (or even a sea glass chandelier!). Chimes and bells made of bamboo would look great hanging from a wooden table next to a bamboo mat or rug.

The Atmosphere of Coastal Life is Very Warm and Friendly

Color Palettes Most people in coastal living areas tend to be very warm and friendly with lots of blue and green colors in their decor. This is both because the color palette of these areas tends to be very blue and green and it also helps to reflect the sunny weather in the area. You can easily create the same effect in your coastal dining room by choosing a few coordinating accent rugs that feature a sunny blue, green, or gray. The use of these colors will help to tie together all of the different pieces of furniture in your room.

Decorative Upkeep When decorating your coastal dining room, keep in mind that it will need to be properly maintained. Unlike a formal living room, you do not want to go overboard with floral designs on your curtains, pillows, table cloths, or lamps. This creates a sense of flamboyance and also makes it difficult to sit in your room if the floral design scheme is too overwhelming. However, in the case of coastal dining room decor accents, it’s perfectly okay to have a few extra decorations hanging around just in case one of the pillows or the curtain becomes stained or ripped. You can find inexpensive reproductions at your local dollar store that can be sewn together to create a lovely look without using more expensive fabrics or expensive hardware.

Easy Maintenance Tips for Coastal Living

For maintenance, you simply have to wipe up any food or drink spillage. If the spill happens to be a little more serious, you can gently dab the liquid up with a sponge before proceeding to clean up the area around the slipcovers. You may also find that it’s helpful to leave a slightly damp cloth behind when you go to vacuum after meals or drinks. This will ensure that your coastal dining room stays squeaky clean even as you enjoy your food and beverages. It’s also a great idea to run the vacuum cleaner over the dining table and chairs at least once each week to prevent build-up of food and drink residue.

Accessories With a little creativity and some pampering, your coastal dining room can look like a little paradise on the beach. One great idea is to incorporate some pendant lights in the decor. These low profile lights are perfect for lighting up the cottage and creating a lovely atmosphere. Since rattan bar carts come in such an array of shapes, colors and sizes, there’s no limit to the places where these accessories would be a welcome change.

In addition to giving your dining room a fresh and inviting feel, pendant lights and other midcentury touches like seashells can also help set the mood. In order to really tie your decor together, you should start by choosing fabrics and accessories that gel well with your color palette. You might want to choose pieces that are both practical and charming. Once you’ve settled on a color palette, however, you can try coordinating accent rugs or pillows using colors from the palette. As you work on your coastal-themed scheme, don’t forget to accent your space with whimsical beach items such as shell house pillows, seashells and other objects that remind you of the idyllic islands where you can spend time like a kid at the beach.

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