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Mid Century Modern Apartment Furniture

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Globalkicau.com – A mid-century modern apartment in Manhattan features vintage and modern touches that are blended together in a unique style. At first look, the apartment appears to be the late 1970s home with curved, mid-century home-like furniture, wood, wicker, and neutral / warm colors. But, soon recognize the eclectic, eccentric personality of the eclectic furnishings. This eclectic style is reflected in the decorating ideas that each element of the decorating process brings out. Here are some ideas from the “mid-century modern apartment” that you can integrate into your home.

Elements to Pay Attention to Mid Century Modern Apartment Walls

The walls of a mid-century modern apartment in Manhattan should be kept to a minimum. There should be a minimum of wall decoration such as framing pictures, bold textured wallpaper, bold geometric designs, and no neon lighting. These elements reflect a minimal approach to decorating and make it appear more relaxed and friendly. The floors should also be clean and neutral, possibly beige or black tile with simple patterns, and no travertine or limestone.

In a mid-century modern apartment in Manhattan, the dining room and kitchen are the heart of the living space. For this design, choose dark wood cabinets and tables. Opt for minimal knickknacks – a coffee pot, a clock, and a bowl of fruit on the dining table. You don’t want too many crystal-like pieces on the table; a medium-sized crystal vase will do. Use dark-colored or polished marble vases on top of coffee tables to complete the look.

Choosing Stainless Steel Appliances In Medieval Decor

Mid-century decorators often chose stainless steel appliances over oil-rubbed bronze, which can be extremely beautiful in a mid-century modern apartment. In terms of flooring, stone is very popular. Limestone floors add elegance and distinction to a Manhattan apartment. However, you may want to consider a mosaic tile floor that will tie the decor together or choose laminate or hardwood floors.

Another important aspect of mid-century modern apartment design is the lighting. Lighting can set the mood in a space and provide an inviting environment for living. Consider natural light for your living room and use bright, overhead fluorescent lamps instead of standard lights. Try lamps that have an arch shape or decorative legs, such as antlers, for extra design impact. Some people choose an oval or rectangular glass lamp stand, rather than one with a circular or square body. You can also add artistry in the form of framed paintings on the walls of your Manhattan apartment.

Framed Artwork Mandatory Decoration

Framed artwork is a must in any decor. In particular, look for pieces of artwork with a modern slant, such as a snapshot or an oil painting of a man and a woman. This type of artwork fits with a Manhattan apartment design scheme because both the woman and man are typically portrayed as young and handsome. The woman in the picture could be you or your friend. Whimsical pictures with abstract designs on canvas, for example, would be perfect.

Mid-century modern furniture has a simple, sleek, modern design. If you want your apartment to sparkle, select pieces with tapered legs. Tapered legs look streamlined and are perfect for a studio apartment, where storage is not an issue. Look for square or rectangular units with smooth surfaces and curved lines. These will blend well with square or rectangular units with tapered legs.

Mid-century furniture is a perfect choice for an apartment or condominium. The look can be created out of any color and any material, and the textures can be classic or contemporary. If you choose, you can even find pieces made from wood. The materials of mid-century modern apartment furniture can be metal and glass, but these tend to be on the heavy side and may not be appropriate for studio apartments. Glass and metal mid-century modern furniture can be beautiful additions to an apartment, especially if you match the pieces with light wall decors.

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