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How To Create The Hollywood Glam Living Room You Have Always Wanted

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Globalkicau.com – Using clear glass tables and large chairs with sleek, black lines is a common thread in Hollywood glam living rooms. Black and white contrasting finishes on glass makes for a handsome centerpiece. These tables can be black, red, or any color in between. A dramatic modern or contemporary look can be achieved by placing modern furniture against wood floors and natural stone walls. However, it is easier to achieve an old-fashioned, country look by incorporating antique pieces, antiques, and Victorian antiques.

Tips for Using Hollywood Glam Living Room Floor Carpets

For the floors of your Hollywood glam living room, use rugs that have excessive shine or colors. Use rugs that resemble velvet, tapestries, or brocade with excessive shine. The rugs should be black or dark in color with no patterns. Too many patterns and designs on the flooring will make it seem distracting. Keep the rugs simple and without unnecessary embellishments.

The accent pieces in a Hollywood glam living room are usually the sofa and chairs. The sofa should be black and have satin upholstery. If you want a more traditional or classic look, select a sofa with a button back, leather, or even faux leather upholstery. Chairs made from wrought iron or metal are also beautiful choices.

Hollywood Glam decor helps you achieve the look of simplicity. In the room, select colors that are simple and stark. Dark colors like black and charcoal go well with the stark black and white decor. Light blues and tans are perfect colors for the accent pieces. The wall colors should contrast with the floor color palettes and the curtains and drapes in the room should be used in minimal amounts to keep the room from getting cluttered.

Hollywood Glam Decoration Ideas

Hollywood Glam decor requires that you select artworks that have a bold impact. This means that your artwork should have strong shapes and large focal points. For wall art, you can hang a large picture that is framed. You can hang a large, full-length mirror that shows off your great shape. Art Deco lighting will also help create the glam room that you are going for.

In your Hollywood glam bedroom, you will want to select a few special touches that add to the feeling of being in a spa resort. You can add spa type throws and pillows. You can also find different types of lamps that feature beautiful shapes and accents. Place candles on end tables or in your nightstands and use thick cushions on your bed.

Hollywood Glam living room ideas can also include incorporating faux fur throw pillows into your decor. There are many different designs of faux fur throws that will look great on a coffee table or mantle. You can find faux fur throw pillows that come in animal prints such as koalas or elephants. If you do not want to purchase real fur throw pillows, you can make your own by using faux fur trim for pillow stuffing and adding a few buttons. Faux fur throw pillows are very easy to make.

Fabrics Make a Luxurious Living Room Look

You will also want to look at the fabrics used in the room. In Hollywood Glam decor, you will see that the use of silks and satins is common. There are also many different types of fabrics used in Hollywood Glam style decorating. Fabrics such as linen, chenille, velvet, and brocade will give your living room a look that is rich and luxurious. You can even find a great collection of fabrics that are in the form of a throw.

In addition to the fabrics above, you will want to look at the type of throw and accent pillows that you use in Hollywood Glam home decorating. Look for accent pillows that have a shiny gold finish. They are usually made from silk and other high quality fabrics. These accent pillows will add a touch of glam to the room and can be used with a sofa, couch, or love seat.

Perfect Hollywood Glam Look Inspiration

Hollywood Glam accents are often found in the form of rugs. In order to get a true Hollywood glam look, you will want to find rugs in the shape of a cigarette pipe, cigarette butt, shoe, magnifying glass, etc. You can accent these rugs with the same type of fabrics that you use in your Hollywood Glam living room. For more information about decorating with these types of fabrics, check out the website Just Be.

In the dining room, you will want to look for accent rugs that have a pewter finish. For more information on dining room decorating with Hollywood Glam touches, visit the website Just Be. In addition to the pewter accents above, they also provide plenty of other beautiful pieces that will enhance your home. For more information, check out the website today.

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