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Add Some French Style To Your Bathroom With Rustic Decor

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Globalkicau.com – With modern homes being built all over the world, one of the most popular features nowadays is the small French bath or small bathroom. This trend came about because of the fact that many people wanted a small bathroom for various reasons. Some people opt for it so they can save space but some also want to express their personality in their own home by designing it.

Ideal French Style Small Bathroom

Small French style bathrooms are ideal for such a purpose because of their limited size and versatility. French style bathroom decor allows you to get the most out of a tiny space. Small bathrooms can be fitted with many useful features. They offer good storage space. You can also opt for a small vanity unit.

One of the best things about small bathrooms is that you get the opportunity to be creative. You are not bound by the small size and you can create whatever you want in them since they are quite spacious. Your small French style bathroom can have a double sink with a storage space underneath. You can add accessories like old fashioned tubs, sinks with steamer cups, copper or rustic wall decor and so on.

In order to create a small French style bathroom decor, the first thing that you need to consider is the color scheme. A rustic and earthy color scheme will look best for this type of decor. You can use light pastel shades for the walls and pale taupe or cream walls for the vanity.

Rustic Style Bathroom Décor

A rustic country style is a perfect choice for your rustic bathroom decor. If you have an old oak sideboard or some other type of wood that you find interesting, you can put it in your bathroom. You can use the same colors for the rest of the bathroom, but try to avoid the use of bold colors that will cause problems with the rest of the furniture.

You can make the small bathroom feel even smaller if you use pale colors. This is very important when it comes to rustic decor since most people prefer the bolder shades for their bathrooms. You can choose pale green or pink curtains and linen and small rustic pieces of artwork. You can also go with rugs that are made of wool or cotton to give your bathroom a natural and cozy feeling.

Bathroom cabinets can also be used to create the rustic look. There should be enough storage space to store linens and small items. If your bathroom has tiles, use them to protect your floor. Use your imagination and search for unique containers that will match the theme of your small bathroom. Try hanging baskets with flowers and herbs in them; display natural products like baskets and crockery.

Perfect Small Bathroom Furniture and Accessories

Small bathrooms are perfect for using rustic style furnishings and accessories. You can even add a fire pit to give your bathroom a warm and welcoming feel. You will surely find this charming and inviting when you add all these rustic elements to your small French bathroom decor. Your small bathroom is sure to charm all your guests when they visit your home!

Rustic accessories with a French touch include wall paintings and prints, old wood plaques, and pictures of landscapes and wildlife. If you want to have some fun with your rustic French look, you can try reproducing famous French paintings on canvas. Or you can hang a painting of a river or a landscape in your wall to complete the rustic look.

If you want to add more of the French rustic style into your small bathroom, you can choose rustic lighting. This will make your small bathroom look bigger and more inviting. Chandeliers and wall sconces with candles can be a great addition to your rustic French bathroom decor. A chandelier can provide bright light while your bedside lamp can provide soft lighting to your small bathroom. Both of these lighting fixtures will surely add a charming and romantic touch to your bathroom.

Tips for Laying an Old French Vanity Table

You can also try adding a few pieces of furniture that are both rustic and French. You can try putting an old oak dresser on one side of your bathroom while you also have an old French style vanity table on another wall. You can put some drawers and a display shelf in order to store your extra toiletries and cosmetics. You can also add a couple of old cabinets and hope that it will also be enough storage for your bathroom items.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with rustic decorating if you have a small bathroom because you can always go back to it later on when you have more space. Try adding more of the French style elements so that your small bathroom will look even more inviting. Soon enough, your rustic French bathroom decor will be a staple element of your bathroom.

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