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Small Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – Looking to create a small Japanese bathroom? Tired of looking at all the tiny Japanese bathrooms out there? Tired of seeing old, worn Japanese toilets in use as well as in storage for “just in case”? I was too, until I found the perfect solution – a small Japanese bath. And now I can relax and use my small Japanese bathroom, because it is beautiful, clean, and very much worth the space. In this article we’ve presented 10 Small Japanese Bathroom Ideas, with photos.

Japanese Style Small Bathroom Definition

It’s difficult these days to find a true Japanese bath in any typical home. This is because in modern Japan, baths have become a taboo and “not appropriate” for families. Instead, people take baths only in public restrooms. The Japanese view bathing and showering as a personal touch, and they consider a small Japanese bathroom as a luxury item. However, today you can get truly small Japanese bathtubs and Japanese personal showers, which give you a great personal touch and show that you care about the environment and preserving the tradition of your ancestors.


It’s not easy to choose a Japanese toilet and Japanese bathtub. You need to select a color that fits the overall decor of the bathroom. When choosing a Japanese toilet, you must also take into consideration the flooring of the bathroom. The traditional Japanese style bathrooms are floor-to-ceiling and include a toilet, but there are models with a hanging toilet and some even come with a small attached shower. As such, it is essential to pay careful attention to the flooring of the bathroom to make sure that it matches the rest of the home design and decor.

Characteristics of a Japanese Style Bath

If you’re looking for Japanese toilet and bathtub, there are several popular options. The first choice would be the small soaking tub. Sinking into the floor of the bathtub with the water spilling onto the tiled floor, this type of Japanese bathroom would look great. There are many different models of small soaking tubs including the tea chest, foot or the claw foot type. These Japanese style baths have a design that is reminiscent of a pottery garden.

Another type of Japanese bathroom design is the traditional Japanese toilet. This is usually a long, rectangular-shaped box that has a door on the side. Sometimes, these are placed outdoors in the garden. Inside, you would find a sink with a set of rollers and a seat for sitting. A small claw foot tub with a single vertical plumbing pipe at the bottom is used to perform the task of bathing.

Selection of the Best Japanese Bathroom Decoration

If you want a more exciting and bolder Japanese toilet design, there are a few possibilities for you. For example, the foot massager or the backless toilet can make a nice addition. A popular item for a small bathroom is a small Japanese style bathtub. Some popular tub designs include the rectangular claw foot bathtub, the double seated tub and the wall-mounted wall tub.

If you want to add some interest to your Japanese style bathtubs, you may want to consider using Japanese stone tile. There are a variety of colors that you can choose from. Some stone tile comes in natural stone shades. However, if you want a more polished look, you can also use other types of stone tile. Your Japanese bathroom decor will never look boring with the variety of colors of Japanese stone tile you can use.

You can add an elegant touch to your small Japanese style bathtubs by using wooden shutters. There are many different types of wooden shutters that you can use. However, one of the most interesting is the slatted wooden shutters. These wooden shutters allow light to come in through the top while still allowing air to ventilate the room. The slatted wooden shutters will give your Japanese bathroom decor a personal touch.

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