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Small Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – In addition to being an interesting color, a small Bohemian bathroom can be surprisingly stylish. These days, bathrooms have taken on an entirely new role as the place to kick back and get away from it all. The days of fast food, late night snacks, stress-loaded sports, and other such activities are over for good. It’s time to relax and kick back in the comfort of your own bathroom. Your small Bohemian bathroom may very well be the perfect place to indulge in your own personal ‘in between’ time.

Interesting Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Most people know that small spaces require interesting and different bathroom decor to make them truly inviting. Smaller bathrooms can seem even smaller than large bathrooms simply because there is less space to work with. But, with some careful planning and designing, you can create a wonderfully inviting space. Let’s take a look at some ideas and tips for decorating small bathrooms that are sure to make your stay one to remember.


The first thing you need to consider when decorating a small bathroom is that it must fit in with the general “boho style” you want to create. Bohemian style bathrooms are characterized by light colors, natural materials, and free, open spaces. One important aspect of a Bohemian bathroom is that there is a lot of character and personality to be created within the small area. This is not the same as a cookie cutter bathroom that just has black tiles and a white door. A true boho bathroom will allow you to really express your personality through your choice of bathroom decor and color.

Classic Bathroom Color Scheme

One idea for a classic color scheme for a boys bathroom is a mixture of brown and turquoise. Using a combination of rich browns and vibrant purples, you can create a beautiful antique effect for the walls. Add a natural element like sand to the tiles to add a touch of the sea. You could also use a teal, burgundy or rust color for the bathroom vanity. Add a natural element like pebbles on the countertops or even a fuchsia plant to complete the look.

To complete your small bathroom ideas, consider the proper storage. Bathrooms that lack the proper storage can quickly become cluttered and messy. Consider using an old bucket and some wooden shelves to keep your toiletries on hand and away from the floor. Use wall art to hang on the walls like old photos or a framed quote from your favorite book. Some people like to add mirrors so they can see their reflection when shaving.

The Best Bohemian Style Bathroom

Other small bathroom decor ideas include a unique window treatment style. Bohemian style bathrooms are best served in natural tones like sand or light teal. To enhance your small bathroom vanity, try installing teal cabinets with vintage hardware. There are many different styles of teal cabinets available. There are modern teal cabinets as well as antique looking teal cabinets.

The final small Bohemian bathroom ideas is to install ceramic wall art. Ceramic wall art is easily available at most craft stores or even in thrift stores. It will help to complete the Bohemian look by giving your bathroom a touch of the boho style. Add some funky art hanging from the shower curtain. Buy some funky shower curtains to go along with your ceramic wall art.


These small Bohemian bathroom design ideas are just a few of the many ways you can incorporate the Bohemian look into your bathroom. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on such a project, you can still achieve a stylish and chic bathroom by simply adorning your bathroom with natural elements and accents. You can choose from teal floor tile, ceramic wall art, boho wall art, and other eco-friendly items to give your bathroom a truly unique look. Once you have incorporated these ideas into your bathroom, you will find that your bathroom is truly one of a kind!

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