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Modern Family Room Decorating

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Globalkicau.com – A modern family room should be a fun and comfortable place for you and your family to gather together for fun family entertainment. It is important that the modern family room design is easy to use and incorporate functional elements that are pleasing to the eye and enjoyable for you and your family. The first consideration when designing a modern family room should be how you wish to use it. Do you plan to entertain often or just have a few family bonding moments here and there? If it’s the latter then more emphasis should be placed on a large screen TV, DVD player with surround sound, and/or a gaming system.

Beautiful Modern Family Room Decorating Idea

The second modern family room decorating ideas should focus on function. In the previous set of examples you would see the traditional family room styles from various other styles other than the classic mid-century modern, that is essentially a timeless style that has lots of history behind it. In this set of examples, the colors and designs were clean and crisp. Black and white are the main focuses of the room. One silver plated chair on a small bench made of metal decorated with gold filled circles was the main focal point. Recessed lighting under a wooden mantel made of mahogany completed this beautiful modern family room decorating ideas look.

Now lets look at modern family room decorating ideas that focus on function instead of color and design. In this set of examples you would be looking at a modern living room and bedroom design for a couple who has a smallish home. The living room would obviously feature a modern sofa and two side couches where coffee and snacks are easily available. This room has a few modern touches in the form of a few modern wall hangings and an accent wall that feature artwork that is geared towards art lovers.

Matching Bedroom Design

The bedroom design for this couple would feature a modern dresser and two modern beds that match the color palette of the living room. Matching accessories of brushed nickel and bronze would complete this unique modern family room decorating idea. For the purpose of a good looking modern living room, a simple neutral toned painted wooden frame and matching upholstered furniture are used along with upholstered lighting and perhaps a nice view screen to make the entire room inviting and comfortable.

Mid-century modern family room designs generally emphasize geometric shapes and hard lines. The main color is black, other colors are very dark, pale pink. The primary uses of glass in mid-century modern family room designs are for internal and external light. The walls are painted a color that is at least two shades lighter than what the color of the siding is. Often, solid glass panels are used along with wood framing and are finished in a medium color to achieve a very modern look.

Unique Accent Wall Modern Family Room Decoration

One interesting way to decorate your modern Family room is to take the natural elements from nature and integrate them into your modern home decorating scheme. A very beautiful touch in this design is using stained glass panels on the walls, which can be very simple panels of glass, or they can be hand painted, giving your modern living room a three dimensional effect. Stained glass tiles are a great way to add an accent to a wall in modern home decorating. A unique accent wall like this can be made from any type of material, such as solid wood, stone, glass or even metal.

Mid-century modern living rooms can also be designed around a central fireplace. The basic style of this type of design is to use black metal against white or bright yellow brick, with wood framing and exposed brick throughout. This type of modern home decorating idea is very pleasing to the eye, especially when you have a fireplace with inbuilt steel doors that open out to reveal a warm fire inside. These types of design ideas can be very simple to implement, but they do create a modern feel that many homeowners love.

If you are not sure what kind of modern living room you want, you might consider consulting the home decorating manual that came with your home computer system or even visiting an online home improvement store. Modern home decorating ideas should always take into account how the space has been used in the past. This is why it is important to make sure that your computer system has all the modern amenities that you desire, such as wide-screen monitors, high definition televisions, and built-in speakers. Modern appliances also help to pull together the modern living room decorating scheme. For example, a flat panel television with a built-in, five-way stand for video games is ideal.

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