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3 Ways to Use Black and White Photos in Your Studio

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Globalkicau.com – If you are planning a change or renovating an interior, why not opt for monochrome interior design? Although this can be classed as minimalist interior design, there are still benefits to incorporating monochrome into your scheme. It provides versatility, improves your ability to create an illusion of space and balance and creates a stylish look. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the perfect monochrome interior design.

Tips Before Making a Monochrome Interior

Before you begin, identify any architectural influences that you would like to incorporate into your design. For example, if you have an old fashioned style studio then it might be a good idea to match the furniture and accessories to the style. This way, the architecture will not stand out and detract from the overall effect. The key to successful monochrome interior design is allowing just one colour to be the main partner in contrast to the rest.

To pull off this look, you need to keep the colours within the same hue family. Therefore, the colours associated with light, medium and dark shades should all be kept in the same hue family, so if you have warm white cabinets, you should keep the rest of the room in white too. Use neutral colours to compliment the light and medium colours in the room. This way, the overall effect will be balanced, sophisticated, yet simple. For monochrome interior studios, the easiest way to achieve a monochrome look is to create a monochrome palette using black and white images.

Easy Ways to Choose the Right Color

There are many websites that offer free image palettes for many colours. Pick the colours that go together well and you can save yourself a huge amount of time sorting through colour combinations. Just remember that creating a monochrome palette is only one of the steps involved in creating a stunning monochrome interior. If you have already got your room’s looking great, then you can add a few bright pops of colour by picking up a colour wheel. This will allow you to match up any colour in the room with the next, and vice versa.

Creating a monochrome interior that looks fantastic requires you to use similar colours and also apply some texture to your walls. Texture can be applied using the basic rules of interior design. The colours you use in your colour scheme should also help you to achieve your texture goals.

Beautiful Monochrome Interior Design

For monochrome interiors, it’s important to balance out the boldness of the colours. This can be done easily by using rich earth tones instead of bright, fiery ones. If you are working on a warm neutral color scheme, then add a few warm, slightly neutral tones in the form of cream or beige. You can also choose from a variety of earth tones in the form of browns, tans, or even creams.

When planning out your monochrome interior for the first time, it is very important to remember that the pictures you choose will be very different than the finished piece. This means that you need to think carefully about the tones and textures you want. It’s important that you work out your colour scheme and research the various textures and finishes available before choosing the pictures to use. Remember that your aim is to produce an interior that resembles a painting – so if you choose an intricate design, then the colours you use need to complement it rather than compete with it.

Think about the textures that might resemble glass in the photos you’ve chosen. Monochrome photographs will often come with simple geometric-shapes, while gloss photographs might have textures that are more intricate. Simple matte-like textures like wicker will work well as wall hangings or crown moldings, while glossing or frosted acrylic textures look great as photo collages or cutouts in a glass vase. The most popular types of texture for monochrome interior pieces are acrylic, crystal, marble, and metal.

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