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Bring the Vintage Kitchen Into the 21st Century

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Globalkicau.com – Whether inspired by a 1940s dinette or an older-world style scullery, vintage kitchen styles bring contemporary convenience and charm to any home. From timeless wood to distressed iron, from brick to stone to glass, there’s a vintage style that’s right for every kitchen. From breakfast nook to high-end European elegance, you can find a style that speaks to your personal tastes. But even if you’ve got no love for vintage kitchen styles, you can still enjoy the look and versatility of these designs. See how they reference classic styles while beautifully catering to modern needs.

Texture of Vintage Kitchen Design

For vintage kitchen designers, texture is everything. To create a warm vintage feel, walls should be rough and hard to the touch, with a hint of mystery and interest. Toss in some old world colors like reds and greens, or create a bright palette of blues, whites, and yellows. Use country style accessories, such as pie plates and China, or embellishments like gingerbread men and milk glasses.

For a real vintage kitchen look, stained glass windows and distressed wood walls are popular. For a more contemporary twist, painted or distressed wood walls can help to create an illusion of depth. Remember that light will play a big part in your scheme. Try to incorporate natural sources of light such as windows and skylights to expand the appearance of space.

Give a Unique Look to a Vintage Kitchen

If you want a truly unique look, try using a vintage design element such as an aluminum oven or copper fryer. Many kitchens have at least one piece of these vintage styles on hand because they’re so easy to install. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can easily match other vintage styles, from modern to country, rustic to elegant. You’ll find that using an aluminum or copper sink and counter top instantly sets you apart from your neighbors.

For homeowners who want to create a vintage kitchen design but don’t have the time, money, or inclination to undertake such a project, many turn to reproductions. These are also known as “cheap” kitchen designs, because while they may lack the design style of true vintage designs, they often cost less. Many companies offer these for less than half the price, if not less. To get a truly vintage style, look for reproduction pieces that use metal cookware and vintage-style handles. Also, look for thick glass doors, which help to reflect and change sunlight.

As with any homemaker’s projects, it’s a good idea to plan your menu first. Look for old-fashioned cookware and utensils to match the vintage kitchen decor. Neutral, pastel colors are often the best choice. Then, look for dark or black cabinets. Typically, dark colors will be used to give the impression of depth and solidity rather than the flashy, cheerful colors of contemporary kitchens. Old-fashioned or country cabinetry is an excellent choice, and you can even use bright colors, such as orange or yellow, in the kitchen if you so desire.

Using Vintage Kitchen Appliances

The finishes of contemporary and modern kitchens can be drastically different, but you won’t have to go away empty handed. Simply look for some vintage hardware in the colors you are trying to achieve, such as Victorian knobs and pulls in dark cherry or a sleek brass look in nickel. There are also many companies that make modern reproductions of vintage kitchen faucets and fixtures. These reproductions often come in the same styles as the originals, but some modern hardware doesn’t resemble the patina of antique hardware at all. This is great for those who wish to keep everything modern but retain the look of their homes.

When you’re done, you’ll want to keep the look of your vintage kitchens simple. While the styles may have changed from time to time, the fixtures are sure to stay the same. Antique checkerboard floors are a timeless favorite, but you can also look for tile designs in the same style. You may also wish to add vintage touches like old-time chalkboard doors and wooden coat hangers on your walls. These changes may be subtle, but they will help create a new look that still has plenty of charm to it.

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