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How a Scandinavian Design Style Can Warm the Heart

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Globalkicau.com – Planning a Scandinavian family room can be fun. This is one room that can be decorated in a multitude of ways and is perfect for spending time with your kids. You can decorate it to the Scandinavians way or to the American way. But no matter which you choose, you will still have lots of fun with it. In this article, we will explore some of the decorating possibilities that you can add color and character to this room.

Choosing Scandinavian Cultural Furniture

There are two basic styles of furnishings that you will find in the Scandinavian culture. The furniture will be laid back in traditional Scandinavian style. Or you can decorate with pieces that are a little more western. Either way, the basic furnishings that you will find include beds, chairs, tables, dressers, chests of drawers, bookcases, chests of drawers, lamps and picture frames. If you are looking for an easy way to add color to this room, a pair of blue jeans with a cute tee shirt and lace up boots would be a great accent to any of these items.

The colors that you use for the Scandinavian family room are limited only by your imagination. The most popular colors that are used for a Scandinavian theme are dark blue and brown. These can be combined with reds, pinks and purples to make a very unique color palette that will be unlike anything else you have seen. Use your imagination and be as creative as you like with this room. You will be proud of your effort when you sit down to enjoy a night on the couch with your friends.

Tips for Displaying Scandinavian Style Furniture on the Balcony

If you are fortunate enough to live in a home with a large balcony, a balcony is an ideal place to display your Scandinavian style furnishings. A wooden swing set is a beautiful addition to any balcony. When it is nice out, you can kick back and enjoy the summer rays or read your favorite book on a warm summer evening. When winter comes around, you can curl up with a favorite scented pillow and snuggle into a warm wool blanket.

Scandinavian furniture is made with the traditional wood that has been used for building furniture for centuries. Today the best quality wood and craftsmanship are still used. That is why many of the products sold today are created with the same materials used over several generations in Scandinavia. This creates a furniture line that will last you a lifetime and provide your home with the touch of the original Scandinavian style.

Furnishing a Scandinavian home in the 1800s would have featured a simple style of furniture. Today there are many more options to choose from. The furniture can be of a lighter color such as the light walnut that has a beautiful grain. You can match the colors of the Scandinavian style furnishings to the colors of your home’s decor or to the light blue of the seashore.

Best Scandinavian Family Room Furniture Uses

You do not have to go all out on the furnishings in your Scandinavian family room. In fact, a few well-selected pieces of furniture can create a magical atmosphere in your home. A rocking chair with an ornate top and matching Ottoman makes a delightful addition to your room. Matching end tables and a coffee table can bring your design together. Your glass coffee table in particular is a lovely addition to the room as its mirrored top reflects both light and darkness beautifully.


As you can see, furnishings in your Scandinavian family room can have a place in your home far beyond just a cozy nook for your family to spend time. By choosing pieces that reflect both your style and your individual personality, your home will come to life with a welcoming warmth that no other design feature can provide. As you begin to search for the right pieces, you will discover that there is a wealth of beautiful Scandinavian furniture available. With careful planning and the help of a family room designer, you will create a home that will warm the heart and soul of your family for many years to come.

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