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Asian Basement Design Style

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Globalkicau.com – When looking at Asian basement design styles, it is easy to see the influence of China and Japan. These are both countries that have a strong influence on the country and on their culture. Both of these countries use their basements to make storage for everything from food to clothes and house boats. In this way the design styles and colors have a very strong Chinese influence, while also having Japanese influences. Here is a look at some Asian basement design styles.

Use of Heavy Panels of Wood

The first is the early Bataku style which was designed in the early seventeenth century in honor of the Buddha. This was a design that was heavily influenced by China and Japan. This design focused on the use of heavy, solid panels throughout the home with spaces of open space in the center. The use of heavy panels made up of wood coupled with intricately painted artwork and fabrics was a style that was originally used in Buddhist temples but later became more mainstream.


The second is the Hong Kong design. This is also an early style that focused on the use of heavy panels of wood as well as the use of complex patterns. It is a very clean, geometric design that uses dark colors mostly in earth tones. The use of reds and golds throughout is more of an accent rather than a focal point. The main area of the room would be the center with a number of alcoves and niches running out of this center.

Utilization of Natural Materials Japanese Bonsai Design Style

The third is the Japanese bonsai design style. This is a design that has been used for hundreds of years. This basement decor style is centered on making use of the natural materials found within the basement such as bamboo and rock to create a living space for the bonsai master. This particular style focuses on using light to reflect off of the stone walls and allowing it to reflect in the light and colors of the room itself. This creates a wonderful effect that makes the bonsai master feel at home.


The last of the four types of Japanese design is the Zen design. This particular design style is more commonly used now than ever before. Using light colors, this style focuses on using very few patterns and staying away from the more complex designs often seen in other styles. Simple screens of colored light are used and a focus is placed on the natural elements found within the room.

Use of Multiple Modern Decorations

The use of Chinese art in the design is an important aspect to this design style. A great example of this would be the two-story red brick structure that is often used in the room. The nature of the materials being used along with the geometric shapes that are formed to make this a design that many find pleasing. In fact, the more modern uses of the art can even be found in some of the more modern decorations used today.

So what exactly is an Asian basement design style? The Asian design style is about using natural materials, patterns and utilizing a minimalist approach to decorating. This is a design style that can fit in with just about any type of home as well as any type of budget. The key to the success of this design style is the careful use of light and the use of a theme that ties everything together. In many cases, the Asian decorator will use items such as bamboo screens or paper lanterns to create the theme of the room. These can be used to frame in the light and also serve as a way to break up the room.

One of the best things about the Asian design style is that it is not one that is limited to a certain age range or even a certain income level. This is a design style that can be used by almost anyone and can appeal to a wide variety of different personalities. This is because the Asian culture is one that is very easy to relate to and there are no complex words or themes. It does not matter if you are a teenager or a middle aged professional. Asian decorating has a very big appeal and that is why it has become a very popular choice for a lot of people.

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