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The Erotic Side of Chic Fashion Style

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Globalkicau.com – Chic, meaning “chic” or “smooth”, is an aspect of urban style. It was first an English term. Nowadays, chic is used in a more generic way to describe any stylish style that combines elements of design and styles from various other cultures and periods. So, just what is chic?

Characteristics of Chic Fashion Style

The defining features of the chic fashion style are simplicity and subtle elegance. Women with this look wear clothes that are very fashionable yet understated. While the pieces worn by women with this look are classic – such as leather jackets, oversized blouses with embellishments, and low-rise jeans – the accessories used are very different than those used by women with classic styles. Accessorizing is almost non-existent. A woman can be chic without wearing a lot of jewelry.

By being understated, the chic fashion style allows women to display unique personalities and personal taste without taking attention away from their appearance. For instance, if a woman loves vintage leather, but wears it in a modern pattern with sleek lines, her image source is still understated. She is still chic!

The small details like buttons, stitching, fabric, and embroidery, on the other hand, are extremely important to the overall look of the outfit. The small details like sequins, embroidery, and beading on a jacket create an elegant look, but when those details are combined with the large scale designs on pieces like a shirt, the overall look is far more bold and dramatic. The same is true for pieces like shoes. When details like patent leather, crystals, buckles, and laces are added, the overall look becomes more edgy and modern, not the safe and familiar chic fashion style.

Wearing the Best Comfortable Clothes

For women who enjoy wearing clothes that are more comfortable, a trend that has emerged in recent years is wearing fitted clothing and jeans. Fitted clothes look especially great on slender frames, and allow the woman’s shape to shine through the clothes they are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a jacket that does not squeeze around your body, you may want to try wearing a pair of cropped pants instead of skinny jeans. These types of pants are made with extra room in the waist so that a bigger woman can look stylish without being too weighty or petite.

If you have a larger frame, you will appreciate how wearing jackets with cropped or capris tops makes you look slimmer and taller. When you dress up this way, you are giving the illusion of length and volume by making your waist and upper arms appear longer and wider. Likewise, when you wear cropped and capris tops with cropped jeans, you are going to feel a bit less like you are wearing a dress. This kind of versatile fashion style can work for many different types of figures, but if your body is a straight line or contains plenty of curves, you will probably look better wearing fitted pants.

Tips for Creating a Sleek Silhouette

If you are one of those women who are afraid of wearing pants in public, there are still ways to make your figure look slimmer. One great option is to choose boot-cut or flared jeans instead of skinny jeans. Boot cut jeans are usually cut lower at the legs, giving you a sexier and curvier look. Flared jeans are almost always tapered, which creates a waistline. Instead of covering up your waist, these jeans will emphasize your hips and thighs, creating the illusion of a slim silhouette.

Finally, chic fashion style can also involve a little bit of sexy dressing. One of the ways that designers have been dressing woman in revealing and sexy outfits for decades is with lingerie. Erotic clothing includes everything from nightgowns and lingerie to bras and panties. The history of this intimate apparel has a lot to do with the history of sexual liberation, but today it is just as important as anything else. Erotic clothing includes everything from thongs to g-strings and everything in between – you will be sure to find the perfect bra and panties to compliment your newest outfit!

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