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Advantages Of Wearing Shoes

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Globalkicau.com –¬†Footwear refers generally to clothes worn on our feet, that generally serve the function of protection from natural hazards of the outside environment like temperature and ground conditions. Generally speaking, footwear has been categorized into two major groups: athletic footwear and dress shoes. Athletic footwear mostly serves the practical purpose of facilitating locomotion, while dress shoes primarily serve a fashion statement. The commonality of both these footwear types is that they can be worn for multiple functions apart from just walking. Such footwear typically includes flip-flops, sneakers, sandals, pumps, and other such footwear.

Footwear Can be Classified

Footwear can be classified into three main categories based on its function. Women’s footwear can be broadly divided into casual shoes, athletic footwear, and dress shoes. Shoe type would largely depend upon the purpose and functionality of each garment.

Shoes are the most important part of the human body, just after the clothes. It protects the feet and assists in keeping the equilibrium. This is why footwear has played a very vital role in shaping the modern woman’s persona. A woman’s footwear normally ranges from simple slip-on footwear to high-heeled shoes, depending upon her job or dress code. A woman’s work normally dictates the kind of footwear she wears, while a dress code generally dictates the kind of footwear to be worn for social gatherings.

Commonly known as boots, this footwear has been a rage since the 15th century. In fact, boots were worn by soldiers during the wars. In the 15th century, the soldiers wore black boots, studded with stones to make them more sturdy. The studs were placed on the front portion of the shoes.

The Invention of the Shoe Drive

The invention of shoe drive was an innovation that helped women get out of their stables. They simply slipped on some shoe drive and walked to work. This innovation was later adopted by other countries and footwear makers started making shoes with this new technology. This new kind of footwear made it easier for women to move around. The first kinds of shoes used open soles and had rubber soles. But as time passed, the shoes advanced and today, the shoes are manufactured with proper footwear engineering.

The proper footwear for ladies includes high heels, boots, and skirts. However, footwear meant for men are also available. For example, loafers, sandals, and high-heeled shoes are appropriate for men. There are certain things to consider when choosing appropriate footwear.

The material of the footwear is also important. For example, loafers from the 15th century would not be worn by women today because they did not allow their feet to breathe. They would just wear high-heeled shoes, such as sandals. In the past, high-heeled shoes were seen as an impediment, but today it has become part of fashionable footwear.

Comfort Wearing Modern Boots

Furthermore, proper footwear includes boots. People who wore boots in the past had a harder time walking because of bad foot conditions. However, modern boots are made to ensure the wearer’s health and comfort. Today, there are special boots that are designed to prevent foot infections, especially in medical centers that receive a large number of patients every year.

Proper footwear also includes properly fitting shoes. This would not have been the case in the past. Shoe manufacturers used to add too much rubber and other materials to shoes so that they can make them more comfortable. Today, shoe manufacturers take into consideration the foot conditions of the patients before making their products. They know that proper footwear will not only protect the feet but will also prevent them from developing severe foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis or corns and calluses.

Pay Attention to The Materials Used

In addition, manufacturers have to pay attention to the materials used to make footwear. The most common materials include leather, canvas, and suede. In the past, manufacturers used laces and buckles. However, in today’s world, many people choose footwear that allows them to free their hands. For example, some people opt for walking shoes instead of dress shoes.

Today, people need not worry about the harmful effects of using inappropriate footwear. New technology has made use of microfibers and other safe materials that are beneficial to the health of the feet. Moreover, new advances in footwear design offer people with different types of feet different comfort levels. Furthermore, the materials used in footwear are resistant to the elements. For instance, leather footwear can be kept clean without requiring one to purchase special cleaning products.

It is evident that the footwear industry has made great strides in providing people with better footwear options. With this in mind, people should always consider buying durable footwear. At the end of the day, it is the footwear that matters the most.

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