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5 Ideas for integrating an Industrial Bathroom into Your Modern Bathroom Design

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Globalkicau.com – In these modern times where everyone is busy earning money, it is very difficult to find time for home improvement works; however, one must not give up and must try to build industrial bathroom on your own. A perfect way to make your home unique and different from others is by making your home look like a barn. Barn bathroom fixtures, wall paint and bathroom furniture give a barn-like appearance. Black and grey walls together with white tiled roof make a striking contrast.

Make an Industrial Bathroom Look Impressive

An industrial bathroom looks very imposing when the exposed brick and rough concrete flooring are combined with natural wood vanity, wooden flooring and exposed brick walls. The contemporary trend is to use bright colors in the decoration. Bathtubs made of chrome-plated porcelain are a good choice. A well-lighted mirror is an important part of the modern concept. An industrial bathroom looks impressive with soap dishes, shower curtains, sinks made of natural materials, exposed brick walls with rough concrete flooring, exposed brick walls without wallpaper and granite countertops. The ultimate goal of this decoration is to create a comfortable bathing area.

To get an idea of how to make the industrial bathroom, just log on to the internet and visit various online shops that manufacture bathroom fittings and accessories in different materials and at really attractive prices. A good online store would always offer free shipping when you purchase large items. You can also save the shipping cost by using the promotional codes offered on the websites. Thus, purchase an electric shower, chrome towel rails, mixer taps, shower curtains etc., and then decorate the room with the same colors which can be incorporated in the walls.

To give an example of how to utilize exposed brick walls in creating an industrial bathroom, select a wall, which is painted in grey or black. Paint it in a rough texture, as rough as possible. Add lighting fixtures with black or grey finishes, which will look like rustic iron wall art. A modern faucet or soap dish with metal handle will complete the look.

Using Dark Orange Brick Wall Tiles

An industrial bathroom would look great with dark orange brick wall tiles. Just select dark orange bricks in one color, and then fix them onto the walls in a random pattern. Use large black or gray tiles to surround the wall, and make sure that the tiles have a uniform thickness. You can use small tiles to cover uneven sections of the wall. Since there is no proper irrigation system in this type of bathroom, you may need to put a sheet of glass over the floor so as to avoid water leaking onto the floor.

An industrial bathroom usually has a white colored vanity, with exposed brick, grouting and a tiled shower curtain. You can experiment with different shades of gray or black, depending upon your taste. For the countertop, you can use white wall tiles, or else choose the color palette that matches the vanity cabinetry. With gray flooring, you can try using dark orange floor mats and grout to give the bathroom a gray color palette.

The Characteristics of an Industrial Bathroom

An industrial bathroom is not a place for the faint-hearted, because this type of bathroom makes use of very coarse wood flooring. Some bathrooms even use real wood walls or ceilings. The floors should be constructed of solid hardwood or plywood, preferably sealed. The flooring material can be anyone, from reclaimed wood to engineered ones. Hardwoods are more expensive, but they also have a rich, darker tone, which is perfect for an industrial setting.

For your wall decor, you can use any image source that you prefer. As long as the image is in a neutral color, such as black or white, you will have a wonderful choice. However, if your desire is to incorporate a particular company logo or branding, this may be difficult because many modern bathroom manufacturers do not allow stock images to be used on the walls or vanity tops.

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