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Outstandingly Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – You don’t have to look far to find a vast selection of outstandingly rustic bath and body supplies. Whether you are after a primitive steam bath or an old-fashioned shower in the woods, your bathroom design can be anything you make it. Bathroom design is all about imagination. Let your inner creativity shine, decorate, and indulge. Take a cue from nature, pick up some Native American pottery for that rustic look, and add a natural charm to your bathroom by using some of these outstandingly rustic accessories.

Rustic Look In The Bathroom

Bedroom Rustic furniture is often associated with American Indians. Some are authentic, others are made of wood. One thing they all share, however, is a rustic, classy, elegant look. Try finding beds made of maple, pine, or birch. You can even make your own rustic bed rails with rawhide lacing.

Medicine Cabin A medicine cabinet literally gives your bathroom a whole new look. This storage space can be used to store soaps, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, medicines, towels, and more. To save on space, be sure to choose a style that takes up as little floor area as possible. I love the vertical medicine cabinets that can be used for storage and for displaying. They can be made of wood, stone, or even leather.

Heated Stove A small, warm glow can give any bathroom a wonderful touch. Try using one in your bathroom. They are a great conversation piece. Or you could use a large electric style over the stove to provide warming for your guests. The glow from the wood burner will add a rustic touch to any bathroom design.

An old shelving Mix that Adds Charm

Rustic Shelves Shelving can make a big impact in your bathroom. I love old wooden shelves that add a charm. Choose a few different styles to mix and match. You can even go all out and buy a wicker basket to place on your shelves.

Bathroom Mirror: A mirror is a simple way to make a small space feel larger. It can also make a space feel very personal. I love mirrors that contain frames. Choose a frame that speaks to you or has an overall shape that strikes a chord. Try to find a piece that has a frame that can be painted by hand to create a lovely effect.


Wall Decor: Here are a few suggestions to get your creativity rolling. Hang a few dried flowers from the ceiling. Place baskets of wildflowers on shelves, line the walls with painted beadwork, and use dried beans to make beautiful wall art. If you want to get more outstandingly rustic, line the bottom of a long bowl with dry river rocks. You could also make a soap dish out of an old washing machine and paint it to match.

Natural Accessories to Give a Rustic Feel

Bedroom: Finally, let’s not forget the bedroom! Use pillows to soften a hard surface. Add a few natural accessories like baskets filled with wildflowers or dried fruit to give your bed a warm, rustic feel. Look for knick knacks that reflect your personal style, maybe a vase filled with green beans or a wooden rocking horse!

Lighting: Go big or go bold! Traditional incandescent bulbs work well in the bathroom. If you are really daring, go with fluorescent lighting. These will give you plenty of light to make your bathroom feel very awake and exciting.


Flooring: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your bathroom feel rustic. Pine flooring is classic and goes with anything. Look for stone tile or soapstone flooring. For the bathroom, choose rough-hewn timbers like cedar or redwood. These two materials go great with either concrete or slate flooring.

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