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Tips For Decorating a Small Industrial Living Room

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Globalkicau.com – Small industrial living rooms are very popular these days. More companies need small areas for activities that don’t require the space that large office buildings offer. The smaller living room gives a business owner the opportunity to have a “feel” of the company without having to be located there. It gives the entrepreneur the chance to have a larger workforce than would be possible with the alternative of a large factory. And it is much easier to conduct meetings in a small space than it is in a large warehouse.

How to Design a Small Industrial Living Room

The first step in designing your small industrial living room is to make sure that you have enough room for furniture. If you have a large warehouse that is going to house your furniture, you can purchase pieces that will fit in there, but if you are not limited by space, make sure that you get furniture that fits in your living room. For instance, if you have a L-shaped table, you’ll want to ensure that you can place the chairs in that shape. You also might want to position the tables so that one corner has an open area for people to congregate. Corner furniture is easier to find because it does not take up as much space as rectangular or square furniture.

One of the other small industrial living room ideas is to get a few hanging plants. Hanging plants are a great way to provide some color in the room. And you do not need a lot of them. A few large potted palms work great as an accent for the hanging plants. You can accent their colors with special lighting that highlights certain areas of the plants.

A Simple Solution for Creating an Industrial Living Room

Walls, ceilings, and floors can also be highlighted with some well-placed lights. For small industrial living room, you can get track lighting, pendant lights, and recessed lighting. Track lighting is a simple solution for a large room and it is easy to install. Pendant lights and recessed lights are both options that are easy to install and they look nice when illuminated from the floor. You can use dimmers to control the brightness from these lights, depending on whether you want more light or less.

In order to highlight small industrial living room, consider using mirrors. Mirrors are great solutions for lighting because they are reflective. This will create a sense of space. You could also put one or two mirrors in an open plan type of space. By using mirrors, you can add depth to your home’s design.

Tips for Using Candles in an Industrial Style Living Room

Small industrial-style living rooms can have exposed ceiling beams. If you want to add more drama to the room, you can go with a sconce or candelabra. Candelabras can be great because they can have different shades and are easy to move around. However, exposed ceiling beams can ruin the illusion that you are in a factory.

Industrial designers often create rustic living rooms that are reminiscent of old-time country cottages. You can use lamps that have lamps wrapped in blankets of corduroy. These lamps would be great to help bring some of the past into the modern living room. You can also look for ways to incorporate wicker into your design.

The walls in this room need to be warm. You don’t want to create a feeling of coldness in this decor because this will create a homely environment. You should keep the walls in this room neutral so that you don’t break up the monotony of the colors or textures used in the living space. You can also choose to use light blues, greens, and creams for the walls and light browns and beiges for the floors and wood-tone cabinets.

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