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Tips For Designing a Small Eclectic Study Room

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Globalkicau.com – A small eclectic study room can be a wonderful addition to your home. This room should reflect your personality and taste, so that it looks both cozy and welcoming. You may not have the room for a full-fledged college dorm, but you can make do with a small one, such as a garage, a spare bedroom, or a mezzanine floor. Here are some tips for transforming your small space into your own little haven for thought and quiet reflection.

Interesting Features of Small Eclectic Study Room

Create a sanctuary. One of the most appealing features of a small eclectic study room is its simplicity. You don’t need much furniture in this room; you can use the walls and some light fixtures, such as a lamp on the table, or decorative paintings, framed art, and photo frames. If you have an empty wall, you can mold it to serve as a reading area, with a bookshelf and a couple of chairs. If you have hardwood floors, you can lay a rug down on one of your hardwood floors for an interesting focal point.

Add personality. This is one of the best ways to add personality to a small eclectic study room. Paint the walls a rich, warm color, such as cream or off-white, that reflects your personality. Use pictures or paintings that best represent who you are.

Double garage! If you don’t have a large amount of free space for a study, consider a set-up in a small garage, like a spare bedroom or a small closet, or even a corner of a larger room. The overhead garage door can double as a pullout desk for writing or reading, and you can also use the entrance to the study as a small living space, with a couch and a few chairs. When using a garage as a study, just make sure that it will be sufficiently warm enough for you to comfortably spend the night, but cool enough for your study supplies to stay dry.

Consider In The Use Of Plants

Open plan design. A room that is open plan has wide, open walls and very little in between. The room splits the walls in two, leaving ample room for spreading out. If you have large walls and open spaces, you can add elements that will make the room feel more spacious, like adding a trellis system to your ceiling. If you have a roomy layout, consider using plants and ferns to open up the space. If your walls seem too barren, consider plant life around your windows, tables, and other surfaces, such as bamboo planters and small shrubbery in containers on shelves.

Low ceiling. If you are looking for a room that will reflect a low-ceilinged atmosphere, consider a drawing room that is made up of long narrow planks of wood or other low-ceilinged material. To give your dining room the appearance of a larger space, consider painting your white walls a creamy white color and use a skirting board to create a low ceiling.

Using the Best Type of Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor is a raised wooden flooring consisting of vertical slats nailed to wooden ceiling beams. This type of floor is commonly used in commercial buildings for extra storage or to provide a mezzanine floor at the rear of a store. If you are considering this room for your home, consider building a mezzanine on top of a standard wall. You can then paint the walls with the same light and bright color scheme used in the rest of your home.

Loft Conversion. A loft conversion is when you convert a room above your current floor level. You can increase the usable room space in your home by converting an attic or basement or adding on to an existing loft. A mezzanine space that is converted from a loft will have the same structural framing as the rest of the house and is often made out of wood as well.

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