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Small French Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – A small French living room can seem to be a cramped and awkward space, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, this can be the perfect space for anyone who wants to enjoy life a little more and get more done in a limited amount of space. Here are some tips for creating a charming and inviting area in your home that everyone will enjoy.

Small French Living Room Decorating Ideas Tips

The first thing you need to do is look around for some small French living room decorating ideas that you love. This may be as simple as a few paintings or as elaborate as a pullout couch. In a more traditional house, you may see leather couches, wood laminated chairs, and beautiful antique artwork. You can also find richly colored tapestries on the wall and beautiful rugs in rich tones of red, blue, green, or black.

As you look around, however, you’ll find that there are many small French living room decorating ideas that combine different elements from different styles. For example, instead of using a traditional brown sofa, try looking for an oak coffee table with a glass top. This can make the sofa the focal point of the room, while also providing an accent for the colorful artwork on top of the table. Similarly, instead of using a brown dining table, try to find one made of rattan that has a great deal of color variation.

Combining Various Matching Furniture

Your small French living room decorating ideas can go even further by combining pieces from other rooms in your home. For instance, you may have pine furniture in your bedroom or kitchen. It doesn’t matter because both of these items can be given small French style touches, such as by using coordinating curtains. Or you can get some redecorated blinds for your bedroom. They will look especially nice when they are matched with wooden floor lamp shades that add a small bit of color to the room.

When it comes to the walls in your small French living room, it’s a good idea to stick with dark hues. This helps the space feel tight, which is what you’re after. You don’t want the room to feel cramped because of all the furniture and accessories. Dark colors, like browns, grays, and blacks, are the easiest to find in small sizes. You can paint them any color that you wish, but remember that you should stay away from painting these colors two different shades because they will clash.

Best French Style Decoration for Small Living Room

One of the best small French living room decorating ideas is to hang art in the room. Art that is framed will go great with the French decorations. If you don’t have any art, consider buying some modern paintings to frame on the wall, but make sure that they are large pieces. Otherwise, they will seem out of place in the small space.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on small French living room decorating ideas, there are a few other things that you can do to update the look of your small French living room. Remember that your furniture should match the theme that you choose, so if you pick some old French furniture, try to find something that is French-inspired. You may also want to choose fabrics and linens in French colors. There are plenty of French-inspired bedding sets available if you want to upgrade your small French living room decorating ideas.

Don’t forget that lighting is important for any small French living room decorating idea. You may also want to put up a small lamp or two in the corners of the room as well as a table lamp for an extra source of light. Finally, remember that your French furniture should be as neutral as possible. Choose pieces that are made from solid wood, or choose colors that are similar to neutral tones. This way, your small French living room decorating ideas will have a truly classic look that anyone would be happy to call their own.

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