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Small Eclectic Living Room Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – So you’ve just moved into your new small apartment and you want to create a small cozy oasis out of it. The first thing to consider is if there are any small eclectic living rooms to be had in your particular area. There may be many out there in the real estate markets and the good news is you can find them. This article will focus on a few ideas for creating a little corner of heaven in your small home.

Small Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

First off, if there are no small eclectic living room design ideas in your area, don’t despair. It’s not an impossible task, it’s just challenging. But if you put some work in and dedicate yourself to research, there is no reason why you can’t create a small cozy oasis. Here are a few small living room design ideas to get you started:

As with any size of a living room, light is essential. A small spot in your room doesn’t mean that you have to have the exact same color as the wall, but you need a sufficient amount of light coming into the room. One of the best ways to ensure proper lighting is by hanging sconces over each side of the table. Another option would be to have lamps with bulbs on them. Either way, make sure your goal is to provide enough light without creating a glare.

Another small living room idea is to create a media corner. This can also be called a coffee table in your small space. Any interesting piece of art or furniture displayed above your computer, will create the needed ambient light. One great place to display your artwork is on an old picture frame, preferably one that holds sentimental value. You can actually find some very beautiful frames for very cheap at flea markets and swap meets, or even garage sales, plus they usually come with a very generous warranty.

Easy Ways to Beautify Your Living Room

In your small living room idea, white walls can actually enhance your room instead of making it look cramped. Consider painting one wall in a neutral color, perhaps a taupe or a cream. Then use darker colors, such as forest green or a dark blue on the other wall. You can play up the effect of these darker hues by placing artwork on the other wall, such as a life-size cutout of your child that is placed on the table, or a collage of pictures of your travels.

Small, live rooms are an excellent choice for displaying your eclectic artwork because the walls are so close together, yet the area allows plenty of room for movement. Most people that have small living rooms are bedroom rooms, not art galleries. The problem with gallery walls is that they are often very busy with furniture, appliances, and other objects that take up a lot of visual space. You can solve this problem by placing photos on shelves, but you still must pick pieces that will harmonize with the decor.

Great Addition to The Living Room

A great addition to small living rooms is a coffee table. This gives you the chance to display your eclectic collection of mementos and curios without having to crowd the room. A great coffee table shape can be a square pedestal or one shaped like a tree with leaves. You can place a lot of different objects on your coffee table in order to create a very unique look. Another option would be to use a large table as a buffet table, and place a collection of small oddities on its side.

You can use these tips to spruce up small living rooms and turn them into a super-special place to live. By using a bit of creativity and a lot of common sense, you can make a big impact without using a lot of money. There are great ideas waiting for you if you just remember to think small. Who knows, you just might have the perfect home that you’ve been dreaming about. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.

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