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Grey Home Decor Adds a Monochrome Touch

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Globalkicau.com –¬†Decorating in monochrome is perennial and ever timelessly chic. Author and color consultant Hilary Robertson shows how, whether employed alone or in combination, these striking contrasting colors can produce dramatic effects in the home. In the book she identifies five primary colors commonly employed today, as well as complementary ones, and explains how to apply them creatively to interior and exterior spaces to create a warm, inviting or sophisticated aura. Using the same colors and contrasts in surprising places, such as window dressings, wall color and furniture choices, the book helps homeowners create a modern and chic space that is relevant and useful at the same time. The monochrome look is equally effective when paired with unusual elements like wrought iron candle holders, or unusual materials, such as marble tiles or brass plaques. Some of the suggestions in this book have a real “wow” factor, but some are predictable, such as using black and white tiles on a kitchen wall.

Elegant Monochrome Design Combination

As the name suggests, grey is a monochrome palette that is consistently colored gray. Used effectively, it can make a room feel cramped or dark, depending on its intensity. In this light and airy color, you can achieve a more elegant feel and preserve space that might otherwise be lost through the harsh contrast of black and white. Because grey is not consciously applied, many people have the mistaken idea that the monochrome palette is simply a timeless design option. The concept of this palette is slightly confusing, however, because they can also be very dark or very light, and a variation on the theme is the combination of two adjacent tones that are moderately light or dark.

There are several variations on the theme, including the use of yellowish or whitish shades of grey. In monochrome interiors, yellow and/or whitish shades complement the black or beige walls very well. In addition, they are also very pleasing to the eye. Some people with allergies or asthma choose grey as their main color because it is soothing to the eyes. Grey is another colour option for those who like subtle interiors.

If you want your grey residence to appear more contemporary, it is possible to purchase shades that are made monochrome by painting the panels are. Many designers across the world have used this technique successfully, although some experts advise against painting the panels since it can lead to psychological problems later in life. Painted panels are also available in a wide variety of different patterns and sizes to help homeowners find the right shade. However, if your walls are painted in the traditional way, it is suggested that you keep your monochrome home in the same hue.

Beautiful Monochrome Interior Design

The first chapter of the beautiful monochrome interiors is achieved through the use of the monochrome paint and the shades that are installed. For the first step, it is important that you select the right colour for your walls. Generally, the first chapter of the beautiful monochrome home is achieved through the use of the paint on the walls. It is important that you have an elegant interiors designer to choose the right shade. A majority of designers across the world recommend the use of black as the colour of the monochrome walls, but the colour must not be too dark nor too light.

After you have chosen the right shade, you will also have to choose the paneling and window treatments. This is particularly important if you are looking to create an elegant monochrome look. The most common way to highlight the beauty of the monochrome walls is to install dark-colored panels in the kitchen and bathroom. They will give the home a monochrome look, while giving a sleek appearance to the bathroom as well. You can use a variety of panels in the bedrooms. In case you want to create a monochrome environment in the master bedroom, you can install white panels with deep blue or purple shades.

Tips to Improve the Monochrome Feel of a Room

If you have decided to use monochrome home decor in the living room and corridors, you can select the same shade of grey for the paneling as well as the curtains. Similarly, in the dining room and the stairs, you will have to opt for grey panels. In order to enhance the monochrome look in the bedroom, you can install a black-painted ceiling fan and the effect will be complete. Similarly, you can install grey blinds and rugs in the dining area to enhance the monochrome feel of the room.

Grey is also very popular for use in the lighting fixtures in the home. If you want to bring some monochrome into your home, you can opt for black-glass chandeliers and mini chandeliers. Apart from these fixtures, you can use candles and lamps with shades of grey. Such home accents will go a long way in transforming your home interior into a cozy and romantic ambiance.

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