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How to Decorate a Small Mediterranean Apartment

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Globalkicau.com – A one-bedroom Mediterranean apartment is a great place to start when it comes to decorating a new apartment. The style is based on Spanish-style homes that are built close to the sea. The whitewashed walls are ideal for soaking up direct sunlight and making a room appear bright and alive. The rough texture of the walls adds architectural interest to the room. The walls can be painted in a variety of colors, from cream to blue.

Wooden Furniture Can Create a Minimalist Modern Impression

A small Mediterranean apartment has a white floor and glossy walls. To create a modern, minimal feel, choose wood furniture that has a rough texture. It may not be comfortable to sit on light-colored wood furniture, but it will give the room a nice, warm feel. Dark-colored wood dining tables look particularly inviting. The dark-wood table set gives the illusion that the dining room was built in the mid-century. For a touch of vintage charm, select antique patterns in a soft blue color.

The furniture in a Mediterranean apartment has a rustic texture. The walls are white, giving the room a thick, textured appearance. There are no kitchen wall cabinets, so a floating wall shelf is used to create more storage space. Ancient Europeans used a basket filled with fruit to store ingredients. The basket holds a range of cooking supplies. The minimalist kitchen design keeps the look from being sterile.

To create an authentic Mediterranean apartment, the walls are a light color. Keeping the walls a pale shade of white will add a warm glow to the room. A darker color will make the room look more spacious and enticing. If the ceiling is high, use a simple floating wall shelf. A rattan basket filled with fruit can give the room an antique look. A soft blue color will blend in well with the lighter wood.

Decorating Style for Mediterranean Apartments

The kitchen is another important part of the Mediterranean apartment. The walls in this style are usually white and have a rough texture. This helps to create a thicker impression, making the room feel more Mediterranean. While the kitchen does not have wall cabinets, the owner often uses a floating shelf to add storage space. An ancient European used a rattan basket to store ingredients in the kitchen. The same style of decor is used in the living room.

The living room of a Mediterranean apartment is an ideal place for family dinners. The wall in the living room is white, but the chairs are made of teak wood. The dark wood color gives the room a more traditional look. The walls also lack kitchen wall cabinets. Instead, a floating wall shelf is used to create more storage space. The ancient Europeans used a rattan basket to store their cooking ingredients.

In the kitchen, a Mediterranean apartment is more open than other types of apartments. It has a rustic look and is characterized by a white wall. The ceiling is painted in a golden color to represent the thicker concept of the Mediterranean. The kitchen wall isn’t decorated with cabinets, but rather with a decorative rattan basket. The ancient Europeans used fruit baskets to store their cooking ingredients.

How to Perfect Different Styles in a Small Mediterranean Apartment

The walls in a Mediterranean apartment are painted white to accentuate the concept of the room. This is a perfect way to add a unique touch to your kitchen. In addition to the white walls, the walls of a Mediterranean apartment are also painted in a light color. This contrast will give a Mediterranean style to the home. You can find various styles in a small Mediterranean apartment, including contemporary and rustic decor.

For the kitchen of a Mediterranean apartment, you should choose wood with a rough texture. The walls of the kitchen should be painted white, not brown. The walls of a Mediterranean apartment should not have many cabinets, because they will appear to be too cluttered. Using a dark wood dining table makes the room feel cozy and inviting. The dark wood table gives the impression of being mid-century modern, and it gives the impression of being a modern-day one.

The kitchen of a Mediterranean apartment is made of stucco. The walls are generally white or brown. This gives the room a unique Mediterranean feel. The ceiling will also be white, but it will be covered with red roof tiles. The walls are painted in a rich color to make the room look more spacious. If you are decorating a Mediterranean apartment, you should keep in mind the basic rules of the style.

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