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How To Create A French Bedroom Design

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Globalkicau.com – A romantic idea for your wedding is to incorporate a French bedroom theme. The French Country kitchen and the rustic French Country bedroom are two popular choices when it comes to decorating your dream home. But why stop there? The French Country could be your dream come true!

Tips for Creating a Feminine Feel in a French Bedroom

Paneled Walls – To create a feminine feel in French bedrooms, a beautiful array of unpainted and lightly stained wooden paneled walls will do the trick. To make the walls look more feminine, try incorporating various shades of pink or peach. In addition, you can bring in shades of pale blue or beige. If you are going for a more authentic appeal, go for real wood doors and find matching hardware. If the wall is painted, you can paint one wall pink and use a neutral tone on the other.

Colors of Black and White – Paint the entire room black and add some white accents. You can also choose to add some antique pieces like a French country wooden furniture and a lace headboard. To create a more romantic touch, go for handmade lace accents as well as some colorful window treatments that include lace strips or curtains.

Strip Flooring – Install a large sheet of black fabric and then pile up the following elements: a couple of coordinating baskets, a floral arrangement of balloons, a couple of small stuffed animals, a rose and a French country accent wall. The next element you will need is a row of curtains that run along the length of the wall. On this accent wall, you can then use ribbon or lace to tie the strips together forming a nice floral pattern. Finally, put in a few accent pillows that are shaped like flowers and add a cluster of pillows at the end of the strips or on the corners of the room.

Good Color Selection for Beautiful Bedroom Appearance

Color Scheme – For a French bedroom that looks rich, the walls have to be the most vibrant of all the colors. Black and white are great colors that will tie the room together. Choose rich woods like cherry, mahogany, or oak to use on the flooring. Use soft fabrics like silk or velvet to frame your furniture and use rich artwork on the wall to create the final look.

A feminine focal point should be in the center of the room as well as near the bed. Since the walls are the primary color, choose a pretty floral arrangement or curtain rod to use as the centerpiece on the foyer. A floral headboard could be added with crystal accents and a matching mirror. Add a few accent pillows that are shaped like flowers or angelic creatures. Add some decorative throws and you have created the perfect French bedroom idea.

Lighting Is A French Bedroom Design

Lighting – One of the key elements in a French bedroom design is the lighting. You can create a romantic and relaxing environment by having a few candle holders on either side of the bed and switching the candles out for a soft romantic glow. Use lights to add a soft romantic glow to the ceiling. You can also choose a few sconces on each side of the bed as well as a couple of candles on the end table. Candles add a touch of femininity and elegance.

Use the colors you have chosen for the walls, furniture, and accents to dress up the rugs and curtains. Use lush rugs on the floor to add warmth to the room. You can also find a gilded four-poster bed that would look wonderful in the French bedroom. The four posters fit snugly against the walls and will provide the area with majestic air. You will have created a dreamy haven in any size of home.

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