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How to Decorate a French Bathroom

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Globalkicau.com – While the modern French bathroom may be simple, it does not look like it. Toilets in France are known for their design and style. The older style is characterized by a green “LIBRE” indicator and opens automatically when a person steps out of the bathroom. The newest style is characterized by a large “LOCALE” button that screams “NO!” when it’s time to use the bathroom. The old-fashioned style features a toilet bowl that rotates into a wall and then hoses out its contents. The whole process is quick and easy for the next user.

Creating a French-Style Room with Elegant Curtains

A French-style bathroom also features elegant drapery. Floral prints and vibrant colors are ideal for this type of decor. Toile, a popular French fabric, features floral and Victorian imagery against a white background. If you don’t want to use a toile fabric, choose white cotton or lace. Both fabrics are perfect for a French-inspired interior. In addition to the traditional patterns, you can also choose a pattern of wallpaper.

French toilets feature urinals. Children and women must walk past a urinal in order to use the sink or toilet. The bathroom attendant in France is called an “une dame pipi,” which is a more formal term. She will be the person who cleans the sinks in the French bathrooms. Unlike the modern American bathroom, the French bathroom is also designed in a traditional way, with the same style and materials as the rest of the house.

In addition to having toilets in French homes, you can decorate the bathrooms with oriental rugs and antique pieces. You can even use shutters as window treatments, instead of curtains. You can find beautiful shutters and other decorative accents to accent the room’s French decor. You can also buy French-style sanitary ware at local shops. When decorating your bathroom, be sure to include an exotic rug or Oriental carpet. It is time to make a statement with your choices.

Using Antique Accents in a French-Style Bathroom

To achieve a French-style bathroom, use antique pieces and accents. For example, an antique French bathtub is highlighted by gold fixtures, a vintage wood armoire, and a marble-tiled shower. For additional details, you can add an antique chandelier and a decorative wall mirror. The oversized shower is accented by marble subway tiles and aged brass fixtures. Buying these accents online is a cost-effective option.

The French style of bathroom furniture was also important in the French culture. The cabinetry in a French home has been a staple for many decades. The typical cabinetry in a modern bathroom is generally made of wood. However, the vanity may not have a sink. In addition to incorporating a beautiful mirror, a French bathroom is also a space for storing other items. If you have a large mirror, consider adding a smaller one.

The design of a French bathroom can be quite simple. A large mirror, marble subway tiles, and a wooden bath caddy will complete the look. An antique mirror will be an eye-catcher in a French bathroom. Decorative accessories, such as antique-style soap dishes, candles, and mirrors, will make the space feel cozy and comfortable. A large, vintage crystal chandelier is a great addition. A small vanity is a wonderful addition to a French-style bathroom.

Considering Using Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

As the name suggests, a French bathroom is similar to a modern bathroom in the United States, in that it features a royal bath. A modern French bathroom is more likely to have marble walls, although the royal palace lacks the rustic charm of a cottage. Porcelain tiles are a cheaper and more durable alternative to marble. If you’d like a more traditional, simpler French bathroom, consider using porcelain or ceramic tile.

A modern French bathroom can look modern by using marble or porcelain tiles. But you should consider the type of stone you’re using. Marble is an excellent choice for modern bathrooms, but it’s a costly option. This type of stone isn’t appropriate for a contemporary French bathroom, but it is more traditional than ceramic or porcelain. The style is also characterized by its unique design. Its rustic elements are abundant in the French countryside. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.

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