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Design Ideas for Your Japanese Bedroom

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Globalkicau.com – The first and foremost difference between a Japanese bedroom and a typical American bedroom lies in the overall layout, furniture, and decor. Basically, it’s all about the simplicity; it’s this that makes the Japanese bedroom so different from the others. However, the bottom line really lies in one single idea; Minimalism. In fact, I would say that without minuetholstery, it could be said that the entire design concept would have no life at all.

Minimalism Style in Japanese Bedroom

Minimalism refers to the artistic style that Japan is famous for, especially in the bedroom. Minimalists like Japanese furniture maker Seiko are quite famous for their use of plain and simple lines in their products. Their products are known to showcase the natural beauty of wood and natural materials, something that the westerners tend to completely overlook or simply dismiss as cliche. But in Japan, minuetholstery is a staple and the Japanese bedroom is no different.

And yet, the simplicity does not mean that there is no texture at all. In fact, you would be surprised to know that the Japanese bedroom is one of the most aesthetically pleasing homes I have ever seen. Why is that? Well, it’s because of the use of the colors and textures. The boldness of red and black and bright white contrasting with the softness and comfort of light blue and white, or even brown and green, creates a captivating ambiance in your Japanese bedroom.

There are two primary colors in Japanese bedroom Japanese style, red and black, and these should always be used in moderation, unlike the palette of colors used in many of the other rooms in your home. One way to use them more liberally is by mixing the light tones of these two colors with the darker shades of one or both, such as using a deep forest green on one side of the bed and a pale yellow on the other. If you wish, you can also use earth tones of each of these colors. The great thing about mixing the colors is that they will complement one another so that the effect is not overwhelming or garish.

Using Traditional Japanese Colors

The second type of color that can be used is white, and when used in the proper amounts, it can be the defining feature of this traditional Japanese style. You can use this to create a very relaxing ambience by using pale pink bedding. If you like, you can combine this with cream or off-white sheets. Another option is to use a white paper on the walls and lay colorful throw pillows or cushions on top. This will help set the mood for a peaceful, tranquil ambiance. A very interesting thing about the use of white in this type of bedroom is that you can use bright pops of color wherever you want instead of being limited to a few hues.

Another interesting aspect of decorating a Japanese style bedroom is the use of bamboo products. Bamboo flooring is very popular in Japan, so try looking for a style of bamboo furniture that you find especially appealing. One thing that you should definitely not do is to install large paintings on the floor. While it may be traditional for people to display paintings by hanging them on the wall, this is not a good idea for a Japanese style bedroom. Because paintings on the floor will distract from the fact that there are actually bamboo floor panels on the other walls, it is better to limit your floor area to bamboo artworks and accessories.

Japanese Style of The Bedroom

Another thing that you could add to your Japanese style of the bedroom is the use of a mat floor. Since many Japanese individuals live on the ground floor, using a mat floor on the floor between the mattress and the bed is a great way to keep the appearance of the bed and mattress intact as well as help with sound absorption. Another decorating idea for your Japanese themed bedrooms is to have traditional Japanese doors and windows. Although these two items can be found in western-style homes, you will still find that they look wonderful in traditional Japanese homes. Traditional doors and windows are also more practical for blocking out light and making the room feel cozier because it does not block the view out.

You also need to pay special attention to the bedding that you use in your Japanese-inspired bedroom. In many traditional Japanese style bedrooms, sheets and blankets are all dyed in shades of white or pale pastels, while pillows and curtains are mostly in earthy colors. The reason that this is done is to keep the color scheme to light while still maintaining a very soothing atmosphere. Of course if you happen to like bright colors, then you can go ahead and use those, but if you are looking for a more calming effect, then you may want to stick with the earthy colors and tones.

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