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How to Create a Shabby Chic Exterior

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Globalkicau.com – A shabby chic exterior evokes the rustic, antique country vibe of a home. It uses soft shades of color, such as light-colored shutters, a white wooden fence, and tarnished metal birdcages. The natural wood on the exterior adds texture and color to a house and can be used as siding or for porch furniture. Wood lattice can be adorned with flowers for a touch of color and style.

Creating a Shabby-Chic Exterior Look

A shabby-chic exterior is essential to the overall look of your home. To give the exterior an antique feel, paint it in light shades of cream and yellow. Avoid bold colors and contrasts. Alternatively, use wood to accent the house’s wooden fence. Using white for siding is also an excellent choice. And don’t forget to decorate the outside of your house with flowers and other decor items. These accessories can make the look complete.

A shabby-chic home has a neutral color palette. Whites, creams, and neutral colors are often used to create this look. While it may seem too simple to pull off, the interior of a shabby-chic home is just as fun. You can even add a garden to the look by using timeworn furniture and garden items. You can also create texture by using mismatched chairs. However, make sure to use chairs that have one common characteristic.

The shabby-chic exterior can be achieved by incorporating several different components, such as house numbers and doormats. Adding a personalized touch to your home can be done with exterior lighting and shutters. It can also be done in conjunction with holiday decorations and landscaping. When attempting to pull off a shabby-chic exterior, landscaping is crucial. Choose a color scheme that works well with your exterior decor.

Tips When Decorating Your Home

When decorating a house, you can create a shabby-chic exterior by using refurbished pieces of furniture and accessories. A vintage look can be achieved with mirrored furniture. You can also use wooden baskets and long candlesticks to decorate furniture pieces. Flowers can be arranged in flower vases and used as decoration. Potted plants are another way to create a shabby-chic exterior. Hanging pots can be used as storage space for jams and pickles.

Incorporating baroque elements with rustic elements is the basis for the shabby-chic style. The French-style Versailles castle helped shape shabby chic design, though this castle hardly touches the elements of pure rusticity. Today, the style is often exemplified by Ashwell’s bed and breakfast, which spans 46 acres of countryside in Round Top, Texas and is surrounded by wisteria trees.

Shabby chic style was popularized by British interior designer Rachel Ashwell in the 1980s. Ashwell started her own interior design business and used her passion for flea markets to create unique collections. She combined reclaimed and vintage pieces with feminine accents. She favored pastel colors and natural tones, and the look was born. Ashwell intended shabby chic to be accessible to anyone. There are many shabby chic shops in the U.S., and shabby chic furniture and accessories can be found in many shops.

Most Popular Shabby Chic Designs

Shabby chic started in the 1980s, when decadence was a popular design trend. The trend was easy to replicate, and it was easy to find items with an old, antique look. Many furnishings and accessories used in a shabby chic look are repurposed or vintage. Some furnishings are even antiques! Wearing their outer coats of paint reveals the layers of paint underneath. This effect creates a vintage look that is truly authentic.

When decorating the interior of a home, shabby chic is an excellent choice. It allows you to bring out the personality of the home while incorporating a unique style. The look is a combination of antique and new decor, and the colors and textures are soft and feminine. Incorporating the shabby chic style into your home can make your home look like a quaint cottage in the countryside.

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