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How to Decorate an Industrial Apartment

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Globalkicau.com – An industrial apartment can be a great space for creative people with a unique style. An industrial style draws from both vintage and contemporary styles. You can incorporate vintage elements into your decor to soften the harsh industrial feel. Some industrial apartments are modern, while others are more rustic and reminiscent of a factory. If you’re unsure of the best way to decorate an industrial apartment, keep in mind these tips. You can also use reclaimed materials in your space.

Eclectic Style in Industrial Apartments

An industrial apartment in New York offers an eclectic feel, a mix of industrial charm and modernity. In TriBeCa, a modern industrial penthouse on Hubert Street combines the past with contemporary charm. The building itself dates back to 1892, and the penthouse features brick walls, exposed steel frames, and industrial windows. The view of the New York City skyline from this loft is breathtaking. You can rent a loft in New York City for around $700 a month.

The industrial look is a great way to incorporate industrial design elements without overdoing it. Choose furniture from the 1800s or before. Make sure the furniture is simple and functional. If possible, choose pieces of artwork that are edgy and vintage to add warmth to the space. Lighting is important, but you can make it more modern with exposed bulbs and metal fixtures. This way, you can highlight the rawness of the space while at the same time adding comfort.

Tips for Giving an Industrial Look to Apartments

Another way to make an industrial apartment look more homely is to go with a warm colour scheme. A warm oak floor will add warmth and balance the cold industrial look. Bright pink walls add color and contrast to an industrial-style apartment. The kitchen is black oak, if that’s what you’re going for. The kitchen, on the other hand, is a classic industrial style that will be in style with the rest of your home.

Another industrial apartment in Warsaw, Poland, is designed with a mid-century look. The owners wanted an apartment with an independent design, and showed their designer photos of European tenement house apartments and American lofts. The apartment’s owners also wanted to retain their existing furniture. A comfortable purple bedroom bed and blue living room sofa had to be a part of the new industrial look. This is an industrial-style apartment, reminiscent of the New York loft style.

Choosing Luxury Floor Lamps for Apartments

A floor lamp in an industrial apartment will create a comfortable atmosphere. The unorganized silhouette of an industrial apartment lends itself to massive devices. If space is limited, LED lights are an excellent option, especially if you don’t want to change the existing lighting. They visually simplify the space while adding volume. If you’re working at your desk, your main light may not be enough. Therefore, a versatile table lamp with a flexible leg is a good option.

Another way to decorate an industrial apartment is to incorporate modern touches. Soft lofts incorporate the old-world industrial vibe of the building with a contemporary flair. The soft lofts are generally more modern in style, while hard lofts are more authentic and rustic. Hard lofts are usually located in historical industrial hotspots. Soft lofts mimic the loft appeal and are less industrial in appearance. These apartments are perfect for creative people. There’s no better place to live than the city.

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