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Why Buy a Victorian Home?

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Globalkicau.com – The Victorian era was a time of unprecedented economic growth, and the construction of millions of Victorian homes followed. Today, victorian homes still make up a significant part of the landscape of most British towns. But what is a Victorian home? These are simply houses built during Queen Victoria’s reign. They are beautiful, and most of them are built to last for generations to come. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a victorian home.

Victorian House Architectural Style

Victorian houses have a variety of architectural styles, but there are some features that tie them all together. They are typically colorful and use more colorful materials. Victorian homes feature distinctive windows, like the bay window. The bay window, for instance, extends beyond the front exterior of the home and features three windows that are adjacent. A Victorian home is also likely to have a large porch with railings and moldings, a common feature of this style.

Another characteristic of a Victorian home is its age. Although this period was often characterized by genteel living, Victorian homes are prone to settling. It is important to address any settling issues before attempting to sell the home. Victorian homes also tend to have several owners, so it is important to emphasize the most interesting features to potential buyers. Moreover, Victorian homes make you feel like royalty. Therefore, it is important to research the victorian home you’re considering buying to ensure that you’ll be able to sell it for maximum profit.

Adding an addition to an existing structure is tricky, and blending the old with the new isn’t easy. However, with careful planning, you can add on to an existing structure without affecting its original character. A Victorian home with an Italianate design is an example of this. These homes were inspired by Italian villas. Their roofs were low and their eaves were wide. On the other hand, a more traditional Victorian home has towering columns and decorative brackets on the front porch. The Gothic Revival style was also popular during this period.

Victorian House Custom Design

As aforementioned, Victorian homes are quite expensive. Custom-made replacements may be necessary for the exterior trim. Asbestos was used widely in Victorian homes, and asbestos fibers released into the air can cause cancer. Removal and sealing of asbestos will not only make your home safe to inhabit, but also cost you thousands of dollars. You’ll be happy you did. When purchasing a victorian home, keep these facts in mind.

In addition to the luxurious features, a Victorian home is also unique in its style. Its high ceilings and irregular walls create an attractive setting for entertaining. You’ll have a formal dining room, a library, and a sprawling fireplace. In addition, there’s a formal living room known as a parlor. This room was often filled with heavy tapestries and dark wood. In addition to richly-patterned wallpaper, it also features chandeliers.

Unfortunately, this was also a time when many Victorian homes were subject to criticism, and they eventually turned into McMansions. One critic even described the homes as “wooden monstrosities.” The dismal conditions and decay of Victorian-style homes made the American public disapproval of Victorian homes even higher. However, this trend did not last forever. In the 1920s, after World War I, a wave of anti-Victorian sentiment swept the country, and wealthy people abandoned their Victorian homes in favor of newer establishments.

Consider Making a Victorian Outdoor Design

While the exterior of the Victorian home may be less opulent than the interior, it is just as ornate and luxurious. Victorian architecture is lavish and often includes elaborate stairways and other architectural details. Traditionally, Victorian interiors also featured large rugs, richly colored wallpaper, and intricate trim and ornamentation. In addition to this, Victorian homes often had balconies, hidden nooks, and high ceilings. If you are interested in purchasing a Victorian home, you can even have the interior decorated to highlight its unique features.

The Queen Anne style of Victorian architecture was introduced in the 1880s. At that time, the industrial revolution had made mass-produced architectural trim available for the first time. These homes had more ornamental details and elaborate interiors than their predecessors. They were criticized by the Arts and Crafts Movement for being overly fussy and overly ornate, but these homes are still widely-distributed in historic neighborhoods across the United States.

There are several variations of the Victorian style. Most Victorian homes were built in terraces, with the kitchen located at the back and the front porch at the front. They did not have garages, and the gardens were often removed to accommodate parking. They also often had a high pitched roof and many knick-knacks. A Victorian home was a luxurious place to live, so it was not uncommon to see lavish furnishings and elaborate interiors.

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