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How to Design a Small Mediterranean Living Room

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Globalkicau.com – A small Mediterranean living room can be a wonderful space in a home. The bold hardwood floor brings a warm element. The room’s decor combines whites, wood, and a rustic element, such as black marble on the ceiling. A large sectional sofa with symmetrical shape adds comfort and seating. The high ceiling is another characteristic of a Mediterranean living room. The box sets are arranged differently to create a unique placement.

Considering Small Living Room Furniture Layout

If you’re working with a small living room, a large sofa might be difficult to navigate through the doorway. It may also look disproportionately small in a space. A sectional sofa or a small couch is the perfect solution if the space is limited. A tufted sofa provides the most comfortable seating, and beige wooden cabinetry completes the Mediterranean look. If you’re trying to design a small Mediterranean living room, consider the layout of the rest of your home before buying furniture.

If space is a major issue, choose furniture in light colors. Opt for neutral colours and avoid heavy pieces of furniture. Avoid large coffee tables unless you’re working with a small room. If you’re going for a minimalist look, use simple furniture, such as chairs, cabinets, and a TV screen. In small spaces, you can incorporate a fireplace to connect two rooms, either visually or functionally.


If space is limited, consider placing a large full-sized mirror to make a statement. This will reflect light and create a larger illusion of space. Plants in terracotta pots can also increase the height of an area. Simple design is key with a Mediterranean look, so opt for lighter-colored furniture and accents. When decorating a small room, remember that less is more. Choose colors that complement the natural light.

Popular and Inspired Mediterranean Features

A fireplace is another popular Mediterranean feature. A pillar-shaped fireplace with a mantle accentuates this feature. A fireplace surrounded by dark-brown tiles and a carved mirror door gives this space a more elegant feel. The fireplace is a great place to install lighting, as it brings a dramatic element to the room. A coffered ceiling in a Mediterranean-inspired living room is a common feature of this style.

A small Mediterranean-style living room is near the entry hall. A colorful mural hangs above a mirrored cabinet. A beige fireplace with beige stone mantle and exposed wooden beams adds a touch of elegance to the room. A beige sofa and two gray-cushioned armchairs complement a mirrored coffee table. A tall white wall combines with the fireplace and a colorful painting to make the room visually interesting.


A large Mediterranean living room can look stunning as well. The room is furnished with a large sofa and elegant seats, and has a rustic fireplace with a TV on top. The walls and ceiling are white, and the blue-and-beige-colored sofa set matches perfectly with the rustic shade. It is also filled with recessed lights and a large fireplace. Whether you are decorating a small Mediterranean-style living room or a large one, this style will enhance any room.

Have a Room with a Unique and Enchanting Feel

In addition to a high ceiling and wood furniture, a small Mediterranean living room can look stunning. A large fireplace and white walls add warmth and charm to the room. And for a classy fireplace, you can opt for a high-ceiling and wooden cabinets. And don’t forget to add a few wall lights to make it look more interesting. The room will be the focal point of the home and will have a unique feel.

Another tip for decorating a small Mediterranean living room is to open up the room. This will expand your vision and create the illusion of more space. In the photo, the living room has converted one wall to a large window, so maximum light will reach the room. Despite its sparse appearance, the dark-coloured accent and light blue seating break up the monotony. Similarly, the gold-framed standing lamp in the centre of the room adds character and sophistication.

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