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Olive Wood Floor is Beautiful

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Globalkicau.com – Olive Wood is a sustainable, environmentally friendly hardwood flooring option. It originates from Italy, Spain, and Brazil and offers a rich colour and grain that sets it apart from other wood species. This type of flooring is completely waterproof, making it an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens alike. It is also available in many standard colors, including light brown, yellow, and even orange.

Unique Design and Quality for Home Floor

Tuscany Olive Wood, a branch of Specified Flooring, crafts authentic Italian olive wood hardwood floors. The company offers a two-color standard option and an array of custom options, including a fully custom option. Tuscany Olive Wood is the only manufacturer and distributor of olive wood flooring in North America. They also specialize in creating custom-made flooring for high-end homes. They’ve won several awards for their unique product design and quality.

Olive wood is an attractive, high-quality wood that’s easy to care for. Its deep, nutmeg-like grain is rich and pleasantly aromatic. While it can be uncooperative when cutting, it’s easy to polish or glue. Its sweet aroma is typically retained in the finished product for several years. The wood has a natural odor, but you can neutralize it with lemon juice, baking soda, and water.

Olive Wood Is Not Ideal for Outdoor Use

Olive wood is not an ideal option for outdoor use because it doesn’t contain natural oils to repel rot and insects. When used inside, however, olive wood is more resistant to rot and insect attacks than other types of wood. With proper care, olive wood can last for many years. It is also very versatile, making it a desirable choice for both interior and exterior design projects.

Olive wood can be harvested from sustainable sources. Olive trees grow irregularly, with many side branches crisscrossing the trunk. This makes it difficult to harvest large, straight pieces of lumber. As a result, most olive lumber is cut into smaller pieces and used for smaller indoor objects. The largest pieces are generally used in table top panels or as structural objects in furniture. It can even be upcycled and recycled completely. So, if you’re concerned about the environment, olive wood is a sustainable option for your home.

Olive Wood is a Beautiful and Durable Wood

Olive wood is a beautiful, durable wood. Its rich, grain resembles marble. Olive wood is very expensive and is often used for household decorative items. However, the supply is limited. It’s harvested from olive trees that have finished fruiting. This makes it a rare and expensive material. In addition, it’s also eco-friendly, making it an ideal choice for interior and exterior decor.

Olive wood flooring has some strong features, and it can withstand heavy foot traffic. Its waterproof finish and tight-locking joints ensure that water won’t penetrate the wood. Its durability also makes it a good choice for high-traffic areas. The waterproof finish makes it suitable for homes with pets and children.

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