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How to Design a Small Craftsman Kitchen

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Globalkicau.com – If you’re looking for a warm, welcoming kitchen with a classic design, a small craftsman kitchen is the perfect option. This design style is known for its clean lines and no fuss aesthetic.

Has a Different Design Emphasizing Functionality

Craftsman kitchens often feature wood finishes like oak and maple. They are typically paired with earthy neutral paints. Craftsman cabinetry has a distinct design that emphasizes functionality and a sturdy build. Rich woods such as oak, cherry and pine are preferred materials for this kitchen style.

Craftsman-style kitchens are generally dominated by shades of brown, gold and green that are inspired by nature. These colors are typically not treated with any opaque paint. Rather, they are left as natural wood, bringing out the beauty of the woods’ inherent character. Dark or rich stains can also be used to accent these cabinets.

Bead board is another material that can be used as end panels and as a backing for island cabinetry in a craftsman kitchen. It works well behind glass doors as well. Chunky and architectural cabinet handles can be used to complement Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets. These hardware types are easier to hold and offer a more modern aesthetic. They often have a defined backplate with a square or circular knob.

One of the Popular Choices that are Easy to Clean

The countertops in a small craftsman kitchen need to be functional as well as beautiful. That’s why it’s important to consider the materials available and their pros and cons. Stainless steel is one popular choice. It’s easy to clean, and it resists stains, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Granite is another top choice. It’s durable and tough, and it can stand up to abrasion and impact damage. Soapstone is also a good option because it’s stain- and bacteria-resistant. However, it isn’t as heat-resistant as granite or marble and it can chip easily.

If you want the look of stone countertops but don’t have the budget, engineered stone quartz is an excellent option. It’s nonporous and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s an easy-to-maintain surface that can withstand the wear and tear of a busy kitchen. A backsplash is one of the most important elements in a kitchen. Not only does it protect the wall from oil splatters and water damage, but it also gives your countertops a cleaner, more finished look.

Has a Variety of Colors and Textures that Complement the Craftsman Style

The backsplash should coordinate with the colors and styles used throughout the rest of the kitchen design. For instance, if you’re going with white cabinets and gray countertops, you could use earth tones on the backsplash. Another option is to go with a natural stone finish for the backsplash. Slate, granite or soapstone have a wide range of colors and textures that complement the craftsman style.

Wallpaper is also an alternative to tile and can give you some pattern options without having to pay for costly tile materials. However, you should be aware that some paper will bubble, peel or tear after prolonged use. When it comes to hardware, you’ll want to choose pieces that match the overall design of your kitchen. For example, if your cabinets are painted white, you don’t want hardware in bright yellow to stand out.

Aside from that, make sure your hardware is functional and easy to use. You don’t want it to be difficult for your family members to get in and out of your cabinets. Craftsman cabinet hardware often includes bell handles and wrought iron back plates with swing handles. This is an authentic look and can be paired with warm-toned metals like copper or brass. A deep farmhouse sink is also a popular feature in this style of kitchen. It’s a functional feature that looks great and can even develop a patina over time. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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