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How to Decorate Your Tropical Dining Room

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Globalkicau.com – The tropical dining room can be a far cry from your average and more formal dining areas and is often filled with colorful and effervescent colors. There’s a certain understated elegance to it that just can’t be missed. A little bit of color in your life can really lift everything else and help set you free to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Importance of Incorporating Elements of Formality

It is very important, however, that you bring in an element of formality. Let’s face it; if you’re presenting to a room of refined elegance then you don’t want to do it with a plain dining area. You want to break the mold and take your dining area to a level that isn’t usual but has a touch of uniqueness that makes it your own. Enter the idea of building a tropical dining set. These can really make a statement and you can choose something that will make your guests say “wow!”

When you’re considering tropical-style dining room decorating you need to keep in mind some basic elements. First, you have to pick a color scheme that suits the nature of the room. A tropical theme requires lots of light, so tropical colors like blue, pink, and green will usually be used as the predominant colors for the room. With this choice, you’ll also need lots of wooden chairs and perhaps some fabric-covered tables (to catch some of the light).

Selection of Dining Room Furniture In Tropical Design

Furniture for the dining room will need to be in tropical design and will often be made out of rattan or wicker. Because it is very lightweight, these furniture pieces often come in a natural wood finish. Chandeliers, side tables, accent tables and coffee tables will all feature either hardwood floors or open, polished wood. If you want to add a bit of “oriental” style to the dining area, put up a bamboo shade in the dining room for an instant tropical touch. Bamboo shades are extremely affordable and look great.

Since a tropical style dining room will have lots of open space, a nice addition would be to use bamboo furniture for the dining room. If the dining room has hardwood floors, put up some large bamboo shades. In the living room, you could put up a large picture of a tropical beach on a wide screen TV. You can also buy various tropical island accessories to help you bring the island culture into your home.

Lighting is One Of The Important Aspects

Lighting is one important aspect of tropical style that everyone seems to overlook. But remember, you won’t have windows with clear glass doors any more! Instead, opt for large, colorful potted palms and large planters filled with flowers. Use light colored linens – for example, choose a pale blue linen for your dining room and a pale pink for the bedroom. Remember to keep in mind the textures and colors of the pillows as well. For example, if you have white mantelpieces, then get a few sets of black throw pillows to contrast with the white – they’ll look absolutely gorgeous.

When it comes to choosing a color for the walls, stick to warm tones like creams and mauve. These colors will provide just the right amount of contrast between the wooden dining table topped with a tropical vase and the white walls. In fact, it’s even better if you match the colors in the dining room and the living room. For example, in the dining room, you may want to go with a deep, rich burgundy or mahogany – while in the living room, it would be a nice match with a soft palette of off-white. If your kitchen has hardwood floors, it would also be a good idea to paint the walls a neutral shade of brown.

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re still interested in adding touches of class to the space, then consider using upholstery fabrics for the chairs, tabletops, and flooring. One great choice is to use tropical hardwood flooring with a slightly darker wood base. This would provide a contrast between the hardwood floor and the darker colored hardwood table top and it would certainly give your dining room a touch of class that’s not typical of the modern style.

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