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Victorian Dining Room Design Ideas

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Globalkicau.com – If you are looking for a traditional dining room that evokes romantic memories of times past, the Victorian dining room is perfect. Victorian dining rooms were frequented by rich Victorian ladies and were known to be quite elegant as well as charming. Many of the old Victorian dining rooms had beautiful chandeliers which add an air of mystery and majesty. The Victorian dining room can be easily updated with some minor restoration, especially if it is the type of dining room that can be left “as is”.

Added New Wardrobe and New Floor

A quick renovation can make all the difference. In a new version, you can add new cabinets and new flooring. In older homes, the floor may have been carpeted and may be very hard wearing. In this case, consider replacing the existing floor with sturdy hardwoods such as oak or walnut. In either case, you will want to update the wallpaper, cabinetry and light fixtures.

An antique brass chandelier with a floral patterned skirt is an attractive addition to a Victorian dining room. The antique brass chandeliers often have leaves cut out in the center with floral accents on each side. Another option would be to use real or antique stained glass and hang a chandelier over either a dining table or a bar.

Use Elegant Decorative Chandeliers

For the most formal dining rooms, look for a more elegant decorative chandelier with elaborate arms and legs. The styles of these Victorian dining rooms can be Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco. For the most dramatic effect, a stained glass chandelier with black and white marble frosted glass accents would be beautiful. You could also use black or red velvet curtains to pull the room together.

If your Victorian dining room has modernist painted walls, you may want to add more of a sense of history by replacing the paint. Look for wall art that features a variety of aged colors or choose art that is aged with age and looks worn. A great choice would be a Victorian gazebo with vintage wall art and a Victorian mantel. Place vintage China around the room on the floor and on the table. Place vintage photographs or fabric framed paintings on the walls to complete the look.

Give It a Touch Of Texture and Romance

For a touch of texture and romance, try adding a richly colored ribbon in a romantic pattern to your Victorian dining rooms. You can find this material at an antique store or online. Use ruffled silk fabric on the wall as well as vintage rugs. You may also like to consider using a large tea pot with a matching teapot in a whimsical shape on the floor. Place vintage ornaments on the wall or even an antique crystal chandelier to complete the look.

To complete your Victorian dining room, consider hanging some vintage chairs with plush upholstering. Choose pieces with an elegant Victorian design such as a grand piano bench. Add some French accent pillows on the floor and add accent tables with floral accents. Use a vintage crystal chandelier above the table and place a vintage picture frame on the wall behind the table. Complete the look with coordinating artwork, drapes, candles and crystals. The finishing touches may be a large silk scarf with French accents or a large French mirror.

To really tie the whole room together, think about purchasing a Victorian dining room table with ornate legs and a carved top. Purchase several smaller tables so you have options when it comes to where you place them. Look for a Victorian chandelier that matches the fabric on your tables and use coordinating lighting. With this look, don’t be afraid to be a bit creative and add your own touch of flare. Create a romantic setting full of fluffy pillows and soft antiques.

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