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Rustic Traditional Dining Room Design

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Globalkicau.comSmall traditional dining rooms are a pleasure to decorate. They have the charm and warmth of the classic dining experience without all the clutter. You can keep them simple by keeping a few classic items in good use. It can be a rustic dining table and chairs with some decorative pillows or a contemporary table and chairs with touches of color and textures. They can also be furnished with the same elements, but in an expanded form that gives you more room to play with your creativity.

Use a Rustic or Contemporary Chandelier

Small dining rooms can be furnished with a rustic or contemporary chandelier and one or two recessed lights. Traditional dining room with square pendant light and round antler lamps. Modern recessed lights with 18 lamps for dining area and one large linear Chandelier with heavy crystal chandeliers. Contemporary round lamp for small dining room using crystal chandeliers and beads with black lava lamps.

Vintage or period furniture: Larger tables and chairs with marble or polished surfaces can give your dining room a look of elegance reminiscent of bygone days. Antiques, period furnishings, brocades and tapestries, vases with floral designs and old paintings can give a vintage or period dining room the personality of your favorite era. A fireplace with matching gas burner is another vintage touch that will add warmth to the room.

Creating a Modern Small Dining Room

Modern and contemporary small dining rooms can also be furnished with modern lighting fixtures that include recessed lights, sconces, floor lamps, candelabra or wall sconces, and art Deco wall sconces. This look is achieved by using a variety of geometric patterns including squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and hexagons as well as different shades of red, blue, green, gray, orange, yellow and other colors. Candelabra-style wall sconces with crystals set in glass shades of pink, peach, white, lavender and teal will add elegance to this modern style. Candelabra wall sconces with frosted glass shades of black, white, beige or cream can create a warm ambiance in a formal dining room. Small tables and chairs with elegant cushion and ruffled napkins with beaded and embroidered tablecloths also are included in this modern decorating style.

Recessed lights, picture frames, and candles along with rugs are other attractive accent pieces to use in a formal dining room design. Wall art with interesting geometric designs is also very attractive. Art Deco or modern wall hangings can add sophistication to any design. For a more rustic appearance, wooden art Deco mirrors are available. Framed photos and calendars with engraved designs that display special events such as anniversaries, weddings and vacations are an excellent choice for this traditional decorating style.

Use Rugs on The Floor in Small Dining Areas

Use rugs on the floor in small dining areas to liven up this small space. A rug for the center island that has a central focus can be very effective. It can even provide a secondary focal point if there is a beautiful woman or earthenware urn on the wall. A lush area rug made of natural fibers is ideal for this design. Area rugs should be varied in size so they do not change the flow of the room.

A mixture of antiques and modern designs is all it takes to create a rustic dining room design. Use a few chairs and table for your cozy nook. Chairs with backs and arms are perfect for this traditional decorating style. You can have side chairs with an assigned place for your crockery and cutlery. Rustic wood tables with an accompanying stone are also a nice addition to this type of furnishing.

Another way to create a rustic dining room design is to use vintage dining room furniture. There are many beautiful pieces from bygone decades that can be used to complete the look. You can purchase original plates, glassware and China from this era. The centerpiece can be a table or a small chair with fresh flowers that are in season. Add some old world decorative elements like corkscrews and candlesticks to the accessories for this charming look.

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