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Futon – The Perfect Japanese Furniture

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Globalkicau.com – What is Japanese Furniture? Japanese furniture is based on the harmonious use of various natural materials like fine woods, bamboo, fine wools, silk, fine rice paper, and also paper. It combines contemporary western elements with traditional Japanese style in an artistic way. The designs are mostly inspired by nature – trees, flowers, and fish. The textures and colours used in it are also inspired by nature. The craftsmanship involved is very meticulous.

The Beauty of Traditional Japanese Furniture

As the country has been occupied by both the European and the American colonial powers, many Japanese families left their native country and established their own homes in western lands. They then proceeded to adopt the traditions and cultures of these western countries. As a result, a lot of traditional Japanese furniture was lost along the way. But through the years, as the country has experienced rapid economic growth, more authentic pieces of Japanese furniture have been brought back into use.

In keeping with the country’s culture, Japanese furniture design makes great use of small spaces. The tables and the chair in your living room may look huge but if you know how to utilize the space, you will be able to get the most out of them. If you have a small living room, you can make it appear bigger by placing two or three chairs in it instead of one. Small spaces do not need to mean cramped and crowded. Instead, it could mean beautifully arranged and positioned so that it will not look that large.

Characteristics Of Japanese Furniture

Simplicity is another one of the most appreciated traits in Japanese furniture. A lot of this furniture is made of pure wood like maple and birch. These materials are perfect for making pieces that are long lasting and durable. This is also a great way to keep the natural elements out and preserve the environment.

Furniture makers and interior decorators would often select cherry wood for their Japanese furniture stores because cherry wood exudes a soft and warm charm. Aside from the fact that it exudes a very inviting and soft feel, cherry wood is also durable and strong. Due to its durability, you can expect your tokyo furniture to last for decades and even generations. It is also ideal for you to choose this material since cherry wood can blend well with any color and texture. The combination of light and dark colors makes it more appealing to the eyes.

Most Popular Traditional Japanese Chair

Another one of the best things about Japanese furniture is the variety in which you can find chairs and seat chairs for your homes. Whether you want to go with a traditional set of ten chairs or you prefer the modern, sleek look of microfiber chair, you can definitely find the perfect pieces for your homes. You can also choose from different styles like traditional, modern, or even the oriental pieces. No matter what type of Japanese furniture you want to acquire, you will surely find the best pieces for your home.

Takayama is also one of the most popular Japanese wooden furniture. Takayama is referred as the mountain hut. These hut-like structures can either be found outside or indoors. They are mostly seen in traditional Japanese style homes where the purpose of the structure is to bring nature inside. The color palette of Takayama is also quite varied. Since the color is usually light and soft, it fits very well with the nature tones.

If you want to have a piece of traditional Japanese furniture in your home, then getting a futon would definitely be a great option. This type of Japanese furniture is perfect for small spaces. It can function as a couch as well as a bed. The futon is composed of two parts. A cover that is attached on both sides is what gives this type of unit its versatility. The futon can either be folded flat when not in use or be folded like a futon so that you can store it easily when you have guests over.

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