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Pink Family Room Decor – Bring a New Twist to Your Home’s Interior Decorating

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Globalkicau.com – If you have a daughter who has grown up in the Pink Family Room then you know just how much she loves this color. The color Pink is one of the most feminine colors for home decorations. In fact the color pink holds a special place in history for the very reasons that it was discontinued by the Romans hundreds of years ago. Before the days of the color pink the family rooms in ancient Rome were almost always filled with expensive furnishings and decor that had very little to do with nature. The Romans didn’t realize that nature was their biggest fan.

Pink Family Room Decoration With Beautiful Accessories

In today’s modern age we want nature inside our homes, but we also realize that our homes should hold the same pleasing natural beauty that was seen in ancient times. This is why many people are opting to incorporate some pink into their existing pink family room decor. There is no need to completely replace the furnishings in the room. Using beautiful accessories and wall art in the room with a gentle shade of pink can add a touch of nature and femininity while still being in keeping with the contemporary decorating theme.

A great way to add a touch of Pink to your existing decor is to use it as a background for pictures. There are several pictures that would look nice in a room that has a background of Pink. One such picture would be that of a tiger or maybe even a giraffe. Both of these animals look absolutely adorable when placed against a backdrop of true Pink. Just make sure that the wall color you are using is not too bright so that the animal does not appear too distorted.

Adding a Touch of Pink Color Scheme

Another way to incorporate the color pink into your existing pink family room decor is to use complimentary color schemes. Having two different walls that are each pink will certainly add a unique touch of Pink to your room. Two great options would be having a full wall of pink wall art and then having the other half of the wall be neutral in color or have a neutral painted item that you can add a picture on. Using various color schemes like using pink for the bathroom or kitchen can really pull the entire room together.

To really give your entire family room a Pink feel you may also want to consider using accessories that are pink in color such as bedding, cushions, rugs, wallpaper, etc. This will definitely add an air of Pink to the room and make it seem more like a princess haven. Just remember not to over do it, because you do not want your children getting bored with the decor. A good rule of thumb is to keep it about 10% of the same color in each room but be varied enough so that it still can easily be recognized as belonging to the Pink family.

Using The Best Pink Painted Furniture Or Pink Sofa

A very popular option today for a Pink family room theme is to use Pink slipcovers. They come in many different shades of Pink and some of them are even made with real fabric. They make a great addition to any Pink painted furniture or even a Pink couch. They also look great against a cream wall or any wall that is painted a neutral color. They are quick and easy to find, as well as inexpensive.

Another idea for a Pink room theme is to get posters or prints that are all pink. They can easily be hung on the wall or even framed and even used as posters. There are so many options today that you can never even see them all. Just Google images and you will be amazed how many different websites there are that have Pink pictures of all kinds of Pink decorations. It is no wonder that Pink has become such a popular color today.

When it comes to family room decor, nothing brings a home to you like a Pink family room decor. Your family will love it and so will you! And the thought of having your own Pink family room decor is just icing on the cake. So start planning today and get those Pink bedroom curtains ready, and maybe your Pink couch, too!

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